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I have always found Oliver funny. Ever since he was a little baby, he could make me laugh without even trying. I present for your consideration, Exhibits A through C: I can’t imagine anyone looking at those pictures and not laughing, but I readily admit that I am biased. Anyway, the other day, I was […]

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A Tale of Two Stims

I want to share a couple of short stories about two very different stimming behaviours, from two very different guys. Chewing. Relentless, constant chewing – especially the ends of pens. I would find pens that had been flattened into something resembling plastic pancakes and often find the chewer with ink on his face. Once I […]

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I’m writing!

Wait a second before you give me an award for stating the obvious – I’m not referring to my blog! The last few months have seen some fun writing assignments come my way which I thought I’d share with you all because, well, I’m kinda proud of myself actually! As you may recall, I was […]

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Join me on the Superpoints Network? (No spam, I promise!)

I’m usually very skeptical of things like this, but I signed up a couple of weeks ago on the recommendation of @MultiTestingMom / Multi-Testing Mommy and so far I haven’t been disappointed. What is it? It’s a site where you can earn points by doing things online. It doesn’t cost anything to join. Usually I hate […]

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