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Choiceworks app by BeeVisual

So many blog posts, so little time! I had to make time however to ensure all of you are aware that Choiceworks has dropped in price to only $4.99. I have no idea how long this price drop will be in effect so if you don’t yet have a copy of this Visual Support app, the time to buy it is NOW.

I frequently recommended this app when it was $9.99 – now it’s 50% cheaper it really is a no-brainer to buy.

It can be used as a visual schedule app but it’s not *just* for visual scheduling. Here’s a quick list of the top reasons why I think this app is a winner:

  • It’s universal, so it works on all iDevices
  • Easy to share boards between devices via iTunes
  • So straightforward and fast to use – you can quickly create new boards on the fly
  • Comes with a huge library of symbols but it’s simple to also add your own images from your camera roll
  • The visual schedule is interactive (drag and drop to indicate ‘all done’) and includes the option to add a timer to certain steps
  • In addition to the visual scheduling, the app includes boards to help self-regulation of both feelings and waiting. You can easily use these boards to aid with transitions as well.

Here’s a weekday morning schedule that I put together for Oliver:

Choiceworks app by BeeVisual. Weekday morning schedule.


As you can see, I’ve set up a timer for getting dressed. I also set one for eating breakfast which is the other area where he tends to dally. Oliver can drag and drop each picture to the ‘All done’ column as each step is completed which gives him a nice concrete feeling of moving forward. When he taps the ‘play’ button at the top right of the screen he hears what the next step is so he’s getting both audio and visual reinforcement for next steps.


Obviously you can use these boards to create any visuals that require steps – task analyses to support learning new skills like toilet training for example.

Oliver often wants what his brother has which, given Owen’s preferences, is typically a book. We have hundreds of books but Oliver will often forcibly ask for or even snatch away the book that his brother is reading. So I set up a waiting board for him to model what I prefer that he do – he can choose to either read a different book with me while he waits or can play with some preferred toys. I’m gradually increasing his waiting time while he waits his turn for the book.

Choiceworks by BeeVisual. Visual support for turn taking and waiting.

With respect to self-regulation, we’re also practicing alternatives to pushing and throwing himself on the ground. Note that we’re practicing these regularly through the day when Oliver is calm and happy, not going to them when he’s upset. The goal is to help him learn these alternative strategies so he can remember to fall back on them when he is upset.

Choiceworks app by BeeVisual. Feelings board to support self-regulation.
The Tot yoga visual is a screenshot from the Tot Yoga app by Holt Smith Kids. Oliver is extremely fond of this app as it uses animals which are very motivating for him. I highly recommend it if your child has a similar interest in fauna.

Choiceworks also includes three Companion Books – short and straightforward outlines which you can go through with your child so they understand the purpose of the boards that they are using.

Choiceworks app by BeeVisual. Companion books.

The app’s settings are simple and exactly the ones you need – you can prevent editing, turn off audio and choose to not show the help option on a board if you want to keep things simple for your child.

Choiceworks app by BeeVisual. Customization options.

As I mentioned previously, it’s also easy to share boards. You can print them for quick and fast visual reference purposes, email them or if you have multiple devices, copy the boards to other devices very easily via iTunes.

Choiceworks app by BeeVisual. Print, email and share boards via iTunes.

Obviously this app is going to be enormously useful for teachers, parents and therapists involved with special needs children but honestly I think all parents and teachers would find this app useful. Virtually all toddlers and preschoolers respond to visual supports and many typical older children are visual learners – in my opinion this app would be a useful aid for all children in learning self care and self regulation which are fundamental skills to learn on the road towards independence.


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  1. Sara July 22, 2014 at 7:30 am #

    Hi do you know how to copy the boards to iTunes? We recently got a new iPad and I have no idea how to transfer all he boards. Thanks,

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