SBKM 2,000 Facebook ‘likes’: Giveaways!


Small But Kinda Mighty 2,000 Facebook likes celebration

As usual, I will be adding to this list daily so keep checking back for new things to win. Thanks to everyone who has donated apps and other prizes – your support is greatly appreciated!

Click on the title of the app to view it in iTunes.

Remember you can also always find all the current Rafflecopters on the giveaway tab on my Facebook page.

Not just giving away apps!

iGuy case for iPad from Speck

iGuy case for iPad from Speck (U.S./Canada only)

I have this $40 brand new case in Chili Pepper red and it’s adorable but it won’t work for either of my “iGuys” so I’m giving it away to someone else who could use it.

As I’ll be paying personally for shipping, I’m restricting this to entrants from the U.S. or Canada. Giveaway is over.

KidBox for iPad Mini by Kay's Case

Kay’s Case KidBox Mini for iPad Mini (U.S./Canada shipping only)

For those of you that are looking for an iPad Mini case, I have TWO to give away from the very nice people at Kay’s Case. I don’t have a Mini (yet) so I haven’t been able to test this case but it’s got great reviews on Amazon. I love the way the handle converts to a stand and it comes in four fun colours – blue, orange, green and pink. These cost $29.99 to buy – did I mention I have TWO to give away?! KidBox for iPad Mini from Kay's Case

Giveaway is over.

Educationist Magazine App by Applet Studios

Free issue of the Educationist Magazine from Applet Studios

If you’re a teacher, student, homeschooler or just someone with an interest in education and technology then you will be interested in this magazine and thanks to a generous offer from Applet Studios, you can try it out this week for FREE (February 11, 2013 to February 17th, 2013 inclusive). In this issue you can read articles on twitter for educators, a guide to using educational apps written by Kindertown’s Carolina Nugent, Common Core, S.T.E.M., Teachers Pay Teachers and lots more. Here’s how to get your free issue:

  • Open the app (it’s in your Newstand), select Subscribe then choose Current Subscribers:

Educationist Magazine App by Applet Studios

  • Enter “smallbutkindamighty”
  • Please give their Facebook page a ‘like’ and thank them for supporting Small But Kinda Mighty
$20 Amazon gift card

$20 Amazon Gift Card from Nina Lim!

The author of Super Harry’s Rotten Luck and Henrietta is Hungry has generously donated a $20 Amazon gift card to the giveaway. Super easy to enter via the rafflecopter widget:
Giveaway is over.

$25 iTunes Gift Card from AppyMall

$25 iTunes Gift Card from AppyMall!

Siva at AppyMall has very kindly donated a $25 iTunes gift card to the 2,000 likes celebration. If you aren’t familiar with AppyMall, make sure you check out the website and the Facebook page for educational app deals and more.
Giveaway is over.

Gab n Go from Safe n Sound Mobile

Gab n Go from Safe n Sound Mobile

I have one of these for Owen and it’s great. It puts his iPod Touch right where he needs it and I don’t have to worry about it being dropped or lost. We have a black one but there’s lots of colour options including pink and camo! It comes with an external bluetooth speaker and can be adjusted to accomodate an iPad Mini. For more information on the Gab n Go, check out Safe n Sound Mobile’s website. I’ve got one to giveaway and it can be shipped to a US or Canadian address. Enter via rafflecopter:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

T-shirt from Little Learning Tots

A t-shirt for your Little Learning Tot!

Little Learning Tots, the developer of fun apps for little ones like Fido’s Treehouse Scavenger Hunt, has kindly donated a t-shirt to the 2K giveaway and will ship worldwide! If you’d like to try and win a cute tee for your cutie, enter via rafflecopter:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Spellshot Wizard zAPPed Edition Game from Hasbro

Spellshot Wizard zAPPed Edition Game from Hasbro

If you’re in the U.S. or Canada then you can enter to win a copy of this game which I will ship to you. You can read my review of this game here. Spellshot Wizard is a fun, two-player game that interacts with your iPad after you’ve downloaded the free app from iTunes. You can buy a copy of the game from Amazon for $9 or enter to try and win a copy via the rafflecopter below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Apps for grown ups or older kids

iParkedHere by Crazy Dog Apps

iParkedHere by Crazy Dog Apps

Ever find yourself wandering around the Costco parking lot with your partner saying something like “we were parked near a pole”? (*cough* Gingerheaddad) Or wondering how much time you’ve got left before your parking ticket runs out? Well, with this handy little app you can set an alarm to remind you if your time is running out and the app will tell you where you parked your car if you don’t remember. I have five copies of this $1.99 app to give away. Giveaway is over.

Claustrophobic app by pkclSoft

Claustrophobic by pkclSoft

SPACE IS COLLAPSING!! If that concept and the name of the app don’t give you either nightmares or result in your running for a paper bag before you hyperventilate, then enter to win a copy of this endless running/rolling game for both iPhone and iPad. It’s a brand new app played by tilting your device and it has already had one big update incorporating lots of user feedback. I’ve got five copies to give away so enter via the rafflecopter and get ready to ‘oooh’ and ‘aaaah’ at Claustrophobic’s cool graphics. Giveaway is over.

Book apps for kids

Wonky Donkey book app by Kiwa Media

The Wonky Donkey by Kiwa Media

“I was walking down the road when I saw a donkey. He had three legs. He was a wonky donkey” This book app and song is a favourite of Oliver’s at the moment and it makes me laugh every time I hear him sing the above, so I’m happy to be able to give away FOUR copies, worth $4.99 each. Giveaway is over.

The Nutcracker and The Mystery of the Disappearing Cheese app by Quasar Alliance

The Nutcracker and The Mystery of the Disappearing Cheese by Quasar Alliance

Another app that’s hard to categorize. A beautiful storybook that also includes an animated cartoon, educational games and fun activities like baking and decorating cakes and decorating a Christmas Tree. I’ve got SIX copies of this app to giveaway but the codes expire soon so enter quickly so you don’t miss out! Giveaway is over.

Petunia Pepper HD by PicPocket Books

Petunia Pepper HD by PicPocket Books

PicPocket Books have given me four codes for this lovely book app worth $2.99. Petunia seems cursed when it comes to picture day –  she misses the school bus, gets rained on and worst of all, slides into a hot dog vendor’s cart and ends up covered in mustard, ketchup and pickle juice. However, a surprising twist ends up making this day a good one after all. Giveaway is over.

Chrissie's Shell HD book app by PicPocket Books

Chrissie’s Shell HD by PicPocket Books

And PicPocket have kindly given me even more copies of this book app for you – I’ve got eight codes in fact! Also worth $2.99, this app is beautifully illustrated and a lovely story about the importance of self-worth. Chrissie is a turtle who doesn’t see anything special about herself at all, in fact, she spends a lot of her time wishing she could be like the other animals in the forest. If you would like to share Chrissie’s journey of self-discovery with your kids, enter via the rafflecopter. Giveaway is over.

Heidi and Klara book app by JustKidsApps

Heidi by JustKidsApps

Two very lucky people are each going to win three codes for each of the three Heidi apps: Heidi on the Alp, Heidi in Frankfurt and Heidi and Klara. Even if you have all three apps as part of the Heidi story collection, that app takes up a lot of space and having the option of three smaller apps that you could switch on and off your device might be an attractive option. If you read my blog then you know I wrote the English adaptation for the Heidi apps and I love them dearly so don’t take my word for it, read Ellie’s review of them at Smart Apps for Kids and see why she made it a Top Pick (the price of the collection is 50% lower than at the time of her review).Giveaway is over.

One Day a Taniwha book app by Kiwa Media

One Day a Taniwha by Kiwa Media

This is one of the apps where I secretly wish I could keep a code. It looks like it’s beautifully rendered. Taniwha are mythical water beings from Maori who are often regarded by local people as protective guardians of a stretch of water or place. In this book, a Taniwha befriends a little boy and invites him for a swim in the deep blue sea… worth $4.99 each, I have FOUR copies to giveaway. Giveaway is over.

Grimm's Frog King book app by JustKidsApps

Grimm’s Frog King by JustKidsApps

From legends to fairy tales but not just any fairy tale – this version of The Frog King comes with a twist. If you don’t yet have a copy of this app that received a four star rating from Smart Apps for Kids and was also nominated for their accolade of Fairy Tale of the Year – well, enter this giveaway now to win one of two copies: Giveaway is over.

The Adventures of Bobik Bombastinov app by JustKidsApps

The Adventures of Bobik Bombastinov by JustKidsApps

Everyone needs a copy of this app. It’s a quirky, cute and funny story about a bear who goes from being in charge of Kiev to being homeless and penniless. Little Bobik’s travels take him to some exotic places and he tries lots of different ways to make a living before he finally gets to realize a life-long dream. I’ve got two copies of this book app to giveaway: Giveaway is over.

Grimm's Sleeping Beauty book app by StoryToys

Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty by StoryToys

The Grimm’s Fairy Tale books from StoryToys aren’t cheap at $4.99 but check out the features – interactive, 3D pop-up books, games and puzzles that in Sleeping Beauty include: a dress up fairy game, princess’ birthday party, a 3D maze and a magical musical puzzle. All this plus the book app features you’ve come to expect. The illustrations look so cute too. I’ve got three codes to giveaway for this app so enter if you want to try and win one. Giveaway is over.

The Blue Jackal in America - An interactive children's book from Panchatantra, app by Five Axioms

The Blue Jackal in America by Five Axioms

This interactive ebook is actually two stories in one – The Blue Jackal in America and Jungle Jam, both different versions of the same adventure. Children will find the interactive elements and animations engaging and parents will appreciate their kids learning important lessons about team work and co-operation. This book app sells for $4.99 and I have two copies to giveaway that are for the U.S. App Store only. Giveaway is over.

Jack and the Beanstalk book app by Fairytale Studios

Jack and The Beanstalk by Fairytale Studios

I don’t have a copy of this app but I do love the look of the vintage illustrations. Only the look is old-school though as this book app is narrated and includes interactive elements. You can buy it for $2.99 or enter to win one of 5 copies I have to giveaway: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Educational apps for kids

Animals Babies and Homes app by Kids 1st Shape Puzzle

Animals Babies and Homes by Kids 1st Shape Puzzle

A really colourful matching game for little ones that focuses on matching animals to their homes and adults to babies. A refreshing change from the usual ‘matching pair’ card games. This app sells for $1.99 and I have three copies from the developer to giveaway. Giveaway is over.

iLuv Drawing Monsters app by Learn with Fun Apps

iLuv Drawing Monsters by Learn With Fun Apps

iLuv the “iLuv Drawing” apps because they make it so easy for children with fine motor difficulties (as well as adults like myself) to create pictures which can then easily be shared with others. You can read my Smart Apps for Kids review of iLuv Drawing Animals here. So I’m delighted to be able to giveaway FIVE copies of iLuv Drawing Monsters for your little monsters to have fun with. Giveaway is over.

Splash Money app by StudyPad

Splash Money by StudyPad

Alright, for those of you that aren’t looking for matching games or drawing apps, how about some cold hard cash? Virtual that is. 🙂 StudyPad have long been known for their comprehensive apps that build and test math skills by grade. When they came out with Tell Time, it was a departure for them in terms of format but like their other apps, very well put together (I highly recommend it if you’re working with a child on learning to tell time). Building on the Tell Time model they then released Splash Money – an app that teaches and then quizzes children on U.S. currency. (StudyPad informs me that they are planning to add international currencies in the future). Splash Money is a good, content-rich but interactive and engaging app that’s worth it’s $4.99 cost. If you want to try and win one of the THREE copies of the app that I have to give away then enter below. Giveaway is over. If you already have any apps from StudyPad then until February 20th, 2013 you can enter their Rate To Win contest – the prize is a $50 iTunes card!

iMix - Scramble words, a creative game for kids, app by PlaneTree Family Productions

iMix – Scramble words, a creative game for kids – by PlaneTree Family Productions

From the people that brought you the superlatively good app, The Magnificent Travelling Palace, comes a brand new and very different app. Perfect for those with toddlers and preschoolers, SLPs and parents of speech and language delayed children should also take a look at this new twist on the classic mix-and-match flip game. While the children are having fun creating new and bizarre animal combinations they’re also working at practicing a multitude of different sound combinations. I’ve got FOUR copies of this app to giveaway. Giveaway is over.

School Writing for iPad (UK version) by demografix pty ltd

School Writing for the iPad (UK version) – by demografix pty ltd

This one is for UK peeps only! I have nine (!) codes for this app designed specifically to help children learn correct letter strokes using country-specific fonts. It’s got rave reviews because of its depth of content (trace shapes, lower and upper case letters, numbers and words) and the extent to which lessons can be created, customized and shared. A must for schools and homeschoolers, parents whose children need a lot of work in this area will also find it worthwhile. If you use the UK App Store then enter and tell all your friends also. Giveaway is over.

Kid'n'Play Vehicle Puzzles app by Jump App

Kid’n’Play Vehicle Puzzles – by Jump App

I dare not say the words ‘vehicle’ and ‘puzzles’ out loud in my house for fear of starting a stampede! You already know if this will appeal to your little one so if it will, enter via the rafflecopter below! I’ve got FIVE copies of this app to giveaway! Giveaway is over.

Kid'n'Play Animal Puzzle app by Jump App

Kid’n’Play Animal Puzzles – by Jump App

If your toddlers or preschoolers find animals motivating then this app will be a must-have. There’s 30 different puzzles to solve in this app – and look at how adorable they are! Thanks to Jump App’s generosity I also have FIVE codes for this – enter via the rafflecopter for your chance at winning one. Giveaway is over.

Professor Kim - What's missing here? app by appp media

Professor Kim – What’s Missing Here? – by appp media

I really like this visual memory game that can be played by either one or two players. I gave it 4 stars when I reviewed it for Smart Apps for Kids. It’s colourful, engaging and makes a welcome change from the usual matching pairs games that involve turning over cards. I’ve got three codes for this app, worth $2.99: Giveaway is over.

Sight Words Hangman app by SoGaBee

Sight Words Hangman by SoGaBee

Working with a child on learning sight words? There’s an app that can help with that. With Sight Words Hangman your child can practice in flashcard mode and play a game (that has two difficulty levels) to test what’s been learned. Use the word lists that come with the app or input your own. Enter here to win one of five copies: Giveaway is over.

iLiveMath3 app by iHomeEducator

iLiveMath3 by iHomeEducator

If you’re a teacher or homeschooler or a parent of a child who is working on Grade 3 math skills then this app will be of interest to you. It follows Common Core Standards and tracks results which can then be emailed for easy sharing. This app costs $4.99 and I have three copies to giveaway: Giveaway is over.

Jellybean Tunes - Kids can learn to read and compose music, app by Jellybean Tunes

Jellybean Tunes by Jellybean Tunes

If your child shows an interest in music and you want them to learn the basics of reading and composing, this app is perfect. It’s nicely levelled depending on age, skill level and interest – start by learning to play songs and classical music excerpts (your maestro can record and play back their performance), 6 narrated and animated lessons teach the basics of reading music and then your child can create their own musical masterpieces. It’s a lot of content for only $2.99 and I’ve got two codes to giveaway: Giveaway is over.

Build A Word - Easy Spelling with Phonics app by @Reks

Build A Word – Easy Spelling with Phonics by @Reks

I love the apps from @Reks so I’m so happy they have generously given me codes for three of their apps to share with you. The first one is an app designed to teach children their letters together with how they sound when combined together. Lots of customization options together with error-free learning and accessibility features for those with visual impairments and/or fine motor challenges make this app stand out from the rest. I have four codes for this app which costs $2.99 to buy. Giveaway is over.

Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Colors Card Matching Game app by @Reks

Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Colors Card Matching Game by @Reks

I don’t know why this entry deleted itself from the post but I’m adding it in again! I have FOUR codes for this app which can be played solo, alone against the app or with two players. A great way to learn and reinforce these basic skill items and in between each card match is a little game with cute dinosaurs. Enter via the rafflecopter! Giveaway is over.

Abacus in Augmented Reality app by @Reks

Abacus in Augmented Reality by @Reks

Here’s the third app that @Reks have kindly donated codes for. If you love the abacus concept but want something virtual then this is the app for you. It’s the closest thing to a real wooden abacus that you can create on the iPad. Help kids learn counting, tens, carrying and borrowing and build mental math ability. I have three codes for this app: Giveaway is over.

Long Division app by Esa Helttula of idevbooks

Long Division by idevbooks

Esa Helttula, the developer of the best visual math apps I know of, has very kindly given me A LOT of codes for his apps to share with you. Teachers, homeschoolers and parents working on these particular skills with their children will want these apps. As they have a visual component they have proven to be extremely useful for children on the autism spectrum and those with learning disabilities. So, here we go, I’ve got three copies of Long Division to giveaway. This app sells for $3.99: Giveaway is over.

Column Addition app by Esa Helttula of idevbooks

Column Addition by idevbooks

This app works on column, or long, addition. Customizable, use in English, Finnish, French, German or Spanish and it even comes with jigsaw puzzles! Win one of three copies of this $3.99 app: Giveaway is over.

Column Subtraction app by Esa Helttula of idevbooks

Column Subtraction by idevbooks

I have FIVE copies of the companion app to Column Addition! Check out what this teacher said about them: “”The Math apps by Esa Helttula allow students to practice and reinforce the specific computation strategies taught in class, with as much or as little scaffolding as necessary. They also provide individualized feedback to each student, with an immediacy that is not always possible through pencil and paper practice. Being able to adjust the level of difficulty to suit their needs is also very motivating for the students. I am so glad to have come across this great educational tool!” Giveaway is over.

Long Multiplication app by Esa Helttula for idevbooks

Long Multiplication by idevbooks

Here’s what iPad Curriculum had to say about this app: “”The step by step animation and guidance will help students get the column method of multiplication down in no time. The ability to enter their own numbers means that students can input problems from a math curriculum or textbook and work through the step-by-step process with any problem. Your reluctant math students will love this app, it will act as their own personal tutor sitting with them and encouraging them on!” Enter via rafflecopter to win one of three copies of the app: Giveaway is over.

Lattice Multiplication app by Esa Helttula for idevbooks

Lattice Multiplication by idevbooks

This app teaches a different multiplication method that also has the benefit of providing excellent times tables practice. Wired says of this app: “This was one form of multiplication that I’d never done before, but the app taught me very clearly. It makes multiplying large numbers easier, and allows you to see it all visually” I’ve got three copies to give away: Giveaway is over.

Decimal Rounding by Esa Helttula for idevbooks

Decimal Rounding by idevbooks

The only app I’m aware of that teaches decimal rounding. Decimal numbers can be rounded to nearest whole number, tenth, hundredth or thousandth. They can also be rounded to 0, 1, 2 or 3 decimal places. The app guides you step by step when you solve each problem and there are no penalties for wrong answers. Clean interface and the total lack of timers ensures a stress free and distraction free learning environment. Win one of three copies by entering via rafflecopter: Giveaway is over.

Polynomial Long Division app by Esa Helttula for idevbooks

Polynomial Long Division by idevbooks

I wish I’d had these math apps when I was a kid. Just the mention of Polynomial Long Division is enough to make my eyes glaze over but this app makes it easy. The reviews are uniformly positive. Check out these comments from Fun Educational Apps: “Although Polynomial Long Division can look complicated this app makes it quite easy. It guides students step by step, telling them what to do. Student can play back problems step by step or with an animation, and can also stop the playback at any time and continue to solve the problem on their own. We think this app can easily be used in the classroom, ideal as part of school program or individually as a learning tool and homework helper.” I’ve got three copies to be won: Giveaway is over.

123 Kids Fun Puzzle Green app by 123 Kids Fun and Rosmedia

123 Kids Fun Puzzle Green by 123 Kids Fun Apps/RosMedia

If middle/high school math is too advanced for your little ones then you’ll be pleased to hear I’ve got a selection of 123 Kids Fun apps to giveaway. This one has 7 different categories of puzzles with a total of 84 different pictures! I’ve got two copies to giveaway: Giveaway is over.

123 Kids Fun Gamebox app by 123 Kids Fun Apps and Rosmedia

123 Kids Fun Gamebox – by 123 Kids Fun Apps/RosMedia

How about 15 different games in one app for your preschooler to play? There are matching, spot the difference, counting and all sorts of other activities designed to teach and reinforce your child’s knowledge of colours, digits and the names of animals, fruits and vegetables. There are two copies of this app to be won: Giveaway is over.

123 Kids Fun Music app by 123 Kids Fun Apps and RosMedia

123 Kids Fun Music by 123 Kids Fun Apps/RosMedia

This one is for toddlers and preschoolers to start exploring the sounds of various virtual instruments. Easy and intuitive to use with 24 different instruments to choose from. I have four copies of this app to giveaway: Giveaway is over.

123 Kids Fun Games by 123 Kids Fun Apps and RosMedia

123 Kids Fun Games by 123 Kids Fun Apps/RosMedia

This app is a collection of 12 games for preschoolers focused on helping them learn the alphabet, numbers, sounds and words, shapes, animals, musical sounds and more. Your child gets to play games and collect stickers as a reward. I’ve got four copies of this app which you can buy for $2.99: Giveaway is over.

BabySlot HD app by Jetmobile

BabySlot HD by Jetmobile

I’ve got three codes for this app designed for toddlers who are learning words, colours and numbers. Supports 15 different languages! Enter via rafflecopter: a Rafflecopter giveaway

My First App - Vol. 1 Vehicles by appp media

My First App – Vol. 1 Vehicles by appp media

Gorgeous graphics in this app for preschoolers. The three activities include puzzles, matching and a tilt-the-ball-into-the-hole game. This app has just been updated based on user feedback and Oliver is very excited that there is now an option to drag the ball instead of having to tilt the iDevice. So, it’s very usable for children working on their fine motor skills. The app costs $1.99 and I have 3 copies to giveaway: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Montessori Numbers app by L'Escapadou

Montessori Numbers – Math Activities for Kids by L’Escapadou

This is a U.S. only giveaway for two copies of a terrific app from one of my favourite developers. L’Escapadou make high quality apps utilizing the Montessori method. What they did for words with apps like Montessori Crosswords and Word Wizard, they have now done for numeracy. This app is well worth $2.99 but if you use the U.S. App Store then you can try and win a copy via rafflecopter:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Simplex Spelling Phonics 1 - English app by Pyxwise Software

Simplex Spelling Phonics 1 – English by Pyxwise Software

This is a U.S. only giveaway for two copies of Simplex Spelling Phonics 1. These powerful and unique apps from Pyxwise use a ‘reverse phonics’ method designed to help teach and improve both spelling and reading. Great for typical children these apps are a must for educators (they support up to 40 users) and great for home educators as well as parents. These apps have also been shown to be very beneficial for people with learning disabilities including dyslexia. If you use the U.S. App Store then enter to try and win a copy of this $4.99 app: a Rafflecopter giveaway

AAC and visuals

Abilipad app by Appy Therapy and Cheryl Bregman

Abilipad by Cheryl Bregman

Create customized keyboards which can be used to read and write text with additional support features including word prediction and text-to-speech. You can read my Smart Apps for Kids review of Abilipad here. Take a look at all the app’s features, summarized here. I have three copies of this terrific app, worth $19.99, to giveaway. Giveaway is over.

So Much 2 Say, AAC app by Close 2 Home Apps

So Much 2 Say by Close 2 Home Apps

I love this AAC app – it’s perfect for emerging communicators or those with vision/fine motor challenges. It’s also easy to use and SLPs and educators love the drag and drop share feature that makes it so easy to share cards. Read SLP Heather’s Smart Apps for Kids review of the app here for more information. It’s reasonably priced at only $24.99 but I have two copies to giveaway if you want to try and win one. Giveaway is over.

Grace App - Picture Exchange for Non-Verbal People

Grace – Picture Exchange for Non-Verbal People by Steven Troughton-Smith

The picture you see is my son Owen using Grace App on his iPod Touch. This app is perfect for a child who is used to using PECs or for whom PECs is considered appropriate (but you don’t want to deal with the big binders full of laminated velcro pictures). Note that this is no speech output with this app because it’s specifically designed for encouraging users to vocalize. Easy to use, customizable and now supports seven different languages – English, Arabic, Danish, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. Grace App costs $24.99 but I have two copies to giveaway: a Rafflecopter giveaway

i See-quence... My Schedules at School by I Get It Apps

i See-quence… My Schedules at School by I Get It Apps

It’s no secret that I love the apps from I Get It. They are reasonably priced, easy to use and very customizable ways of making task analyses and social stories to visually support younger children and anyone with special needs. This one can be used by parents but also, because it supports multiple users, by educators as well. You can buy the app for $4.99 but I have 5 copies to giveaway: a Rafflecopter giveaway

i Get... People In My Community by i Get It Apps

i Get… People In My Community by I Get It Apps

Prepare for all those community interactions with this one app. For example, if your child has an appointment for a haircut then use a book to explain what will happen so they know what to expect then take pictures while they are there to add to the album. You’ve now got a social story ready for next time as well as a record of a successful visit to reinforce what a positive experience it was. Special needs children are more likely than typical kids to encounter law enforcement officers. Use the app to help kids understand what police officers do and how to interact with them safely. The uses of this app are endless. Buy it for $2.99 or enter the giveaway to try and win one of 5 copies: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Therapy apps

Kid in Story app by Locomotive Labs

Kid in Story by Locomotive Labs

Tough to know where to put this one because it has so many uses. From the team that brought you Injini, this app, introductory price currently $9.99 but will soon be sold for $14.99, can be used to create custom stories with and for your children. It comes with 6 story templates (with more to come), looks easy to use and very shareable via email or Dropbox. I have two copies of this app to giveaway. Giveaway is over.

Language TherAppy, app by Tactus Therapy Solutions

Language TherAppy by Tactus Therapy Solutions

Tactus Therapy make high quality apps that were primarily designed for patients who had been affected by aphasia. What many people have found is how helpful these apps have also been in assessing and developing language skills for those who have special needs. Language TherAppy contains four apps in total: Comprehension, Naming, Writing and Reading TherAppy – buying this one app saves you 30% over buying each app separately. If you want to get a flavour for what each app does then download the free version, Language TherAppy Lite. I have two copies of this app to giveaway, worth $59.99 each. Giveaway is over.


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