Jellybean Tunes App Report #74

Yes, I got the app report number wrong last week but luckily, there is a new math app out to help me with that. Let’s read about it and all the other family-friendly app news in this week’s correctly numbered Jellybean Tunes app report. 🙂

Watch for Storybook Maker from Merge Mobile (makers of the ClickySticky and Freefall app series) and Mystery Math Town from Artgig Studio (Alien Buddies, Marble Math) this week, plus more great new apps from our family-friendly app network.

As always, please take a moment to read the full app descriptions, and to screen the apps you download, in order to fully understand the features and elements in the app. If you find an app you like, please write a review.

If you are a developer with news or an app to announce, visit the information page.

– Garry Froehlich | Jellybean Tunes


Smart Apps for… Android

Have an Android phone or tablet? Smart Apps for Kids will be launching Smart Apps for Android soon, but you don’t have to wait to see their recommendations, just follow their Facebook page for family-friendly Android apps.

Smart Apps for Android on Facebook


Apps for Little Ones

KIDSAPP : Princess app by Labotec

KiDSAPP Princess

by Labotec

KiDSAPP Princess will engage children in a magical world full of dragons and fairies while at the same time challenging them with puzzles and teaching them how to spell in various languages.

iPad: Free (for a short time)


Junior Typer app by Donny Yankellow

Junior Typer

by Donny Yankellow

Junior Typer is an app created by a father for his preschool aged son who loves to type on the computer and iPad. When no app like it existed he tried to create one on his own. No ads, no distractions. Just typing and fun!

iPad: $0.99


Colory Caterpillar app by EEGL Interactive

Colory Caterpillar

by EEGL Interactive

Colory Caterpillar is a color matching game for toddlers & kids. Help the caterpillars find their missing parts by matching colors! Happy caterpillars will find their home in the mushrooms and reward you with some groovy music. With Colory Caterpillar your kids can learn about colors in a fun, cheerful way. (Watch Video)

iPhone and iPad: $1.99



Walter's Flying Bus book app by Chosen and Dearly Loved

Walter’s Flying Bus – An Inspiring Storybook of Dreams Taking Flight!

by Chosen and Dearly Loved, LLC

In “Walter’s Flying Bus,” Walter finds an abandoned bus and together with the hopes and dreams of his friends, and a little work, the engine soon roars to life! The children realize their dreams are not only inspirational but they have the power to carry them to what they desire most, families that will love them forever. Narrated in English, Spanish and Luganda (A primary language of Uganda). (Watch Video)

iPhone: $4.99, iPad: $6.99


Adventures of One Sock - My Pal Rodger book app by JustKidsApps

Adventures of One Sock – My Pal Rodger

by JustKidsApps

This story was authored by One Sock’s Dad, Roy Ruiz, and we’re excited to bring you the app version of the book! One Sock – in addition to being just like every other little boy who loves cars, planes and has his favorite toys – is autistic. It’s not referred to explicitly in the story but it’s a great way to share with your children some of the challenges faced by their friends who may be affected by this developmental disability.

iPad: $0.99


Alma and the Doll in the Park book app by Grite

Alma and the Doll in the Park

by Grite

“Alma and the doll in the park” is the first app in the “Alma’s powers” series, a novel collection of interactive stories and games for pre-school children. Children will discover the importance of basic values such as honesty, respect and trust through familiar and fun experiences that are easy to understand. The App also includes three games to develop creativity, concentration and curiosity. (Watch Video)

iPhone and iPad: $1.99


Creative Play

Storybook Maker app by Merge Mobile

StoryBook Maker

by Merge Mobile

Storybook Maker is an amazing app for children to express their creativity. With Storybook Maker you can make a book and share it with friends! The app comes equipped with all the tools needed to create incredible and exciting stories! Each page can have it’s own custom layout and include text, drawings, audio photos and stickers. You can even include physics objects such as a ball or car to make your book even more interactive! (Watch Video)

iPad: $3.99



Mystery Math Town app by Artgig Studio

Mystery Math Town

by Artgig Studio

Your mission: Help a friendly and curious little ghost rescue the fireflies that are hidden in Mystery Math Town. Players use math skills to unlock rooms and passages on their enchanting journey. Along the way, you can also earn talking portraits of the townspeople for your Gallery. Every picture has a story to tell and the colorful cast of characters in this town have plenty to say. Ages 6-12 and up.

iPad: $2.99



Baby Stickers - Monthly Onesie Stickers by One Sided Studio

Baby Stickers App

by Six Sided Studio

The Baby Stickers App is designed to mark milestones during baby’s first years of life. Users simply take a photo of their baby in the app or import a photo from the phone’s camera roll and pick a digital sticker of choice to mark the correct age. Stickers can be resized, rotated, and moved using multi touch gestures to get the size and orientation just right for any particular picture. (Watch Video)

iPhone: Free + In-App Purchases for $2.99 each



Rocks HD app by Sprout Labs

Rocks HD

by Sprout Labs

Rocks HD is a multi-sensory exploration of key topics in Earth Sciences such as the rock cycle, various types of rocks and their geology, minerals and excavation, soil types and horizons, weathering and erosion, formation of fossils, and various types of fossils.

iPad: $2.99


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