Countdown to Halloween: Fabulous Fall Giveaway


Every day, Oliver asks when we will be able to go trick-or-treating. So as we’re counting down to Halloween here anyway, I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway with that as a theme. I have so much stuff for you to win that I’m going to publish and update this post every time I add something so you can start entering.

As always, you can go to my Facebook page directly for a link to all the rafflecopters that are currently active. Please share with your friends and enjoy!


Halloween has been and gone and all the giveaways are over … except that I have one last sweet treat for you. One of the earliest book apps I got was Fierce Grey Mouse, a wonderful collaboration between author-illustrator Chantal Bourgonje and Tizio Publishing. If you don’t yet have a copy, I thoroughly recommend it. Tizio’s latest app is another work from Bourgonje called The Mud Monster – and it looks to be just as delightful as her other stories. You can read more about it at The Appy Ladies. If you want to try and win one of the five copies I have to giveaway, then enter here:

The Mud Monster book app by Tizio Publishing

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For older kids and big kids (aka grown ups)

Creeper mask and t-shirt – CONTEST OVER

Attention Minecraft fans and those who love them! I have a Creeper t-shirt in a kids’ size large and a Creeper mask designed to fit anyone – both from ThinkGeek. I will ship these to addresses in either the U.S. or Canada only.

Minecraft creeper kids tshirt


Three copies of Sorcery! – CONTEST OVER

If you haven’t yet heard of inkle studios, I’m so happy to be able to introduce them to you. Their version of Frankenstein for iOS is simply stunning. They are rolling out Sorcery 2 soon so I’m psyched that three lucky people can get in the mood by winning a copy of the original Sorcery!, worth $4.99 each. It’s an interactive, fantasy storybook adventure which, given the 1,000s of different choices you are offered, has tons of replay value. Take a look at this short trailer to get a feel for the app and then hot-foot it down to the rafflecopter widget to try and win a copy.

A $20 Gift Card for Amazon courtesy of Geek Club Books! – CONTEST OVER

Geek Club Books has just released its first book app, The Mighty League Vol. 1, and it has been getting rave reviews. A perfect book to investigate during October which is Anti-bullying Awareness Month. Wanting to get in on the fun of the Countdown to Halloween giveaway but not having anything appropriately spooky, they have generously donated a $20 Amazon gift card. Enter via rafflecopter below so you can get yourself something spooktacular!
Amazon gift card

Fun stuff for kids


Five copies of Halloween Kids Puzzles – CONTEST OVER

Scott Adelman has kindly given me five codes for his latest app which contains 12 animated puzzles, all with a Halloween theme. The graphics by children’s book illustrator, Laura Tallardy look adorable. Grab it for only $1.99 or take your chances and enter to try and win a copy. Halloween Kids Puzzles app by Scott Adelman

A free Halloween app and THIRTY kids’ t-shirts to be won! – CONTEST OVER

The developer of Whopping Apps just released a big update to their Halloween for Kids app. It’s free to download (with in-app purchase) and includes a memory game, 100 photos and 13 videos which children can watch to get into the Halloween spirit or, cool idea, you can hook up your iDevice to your TV and have the pictures run as a slideshow for extra spookiness at your party. Download the app and, if you like it, please rate and review in the app store. Whopping Apps makes similar apps for trains, airplanes, puppies, fire trucks and more, plus… diggers. They have offered us 30, yes, THIRTY! free kids t-shirts, shipped worldwide. The shirt features graphics from their Whopping Diggers 2 app. Enter to win a t-shirt via the rafflecopter below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Artistic apps for kids


Four copies of Felt Board – CONTEST OVER

My love of the Felt Board app by Software Smoothie is well-documented. They just released a major update to the app introducing lots more graphics as well as great features like a gallery and the ability to rotate pieces. If you’re saying to yourself, “Ok, but Felt Board isn’t a fall-themed app” then I say to you, “au contraire!” Check out these spooktacular autumnal items:

Fall-themed designs in Felt Board using the app from Software Smoothie

The broom and the turkey are newly added!


Six copies of Build a Scare – CONTEST OVER

This cute app is part game, part creative app, part jigsaw puzzle. Spin a wheel to see how many parts you get to put on your monster, choose the parts you want to use, build your monster and then, if you’re happy with the result you can turn the picture into a jigsaw puzzle to play with. I’ve got 4 copies of the iPhone version and 2 codes for iPad. Build a Scare by Deanavryn Studios - Create

Stella and Sam Halloween Band (plus Stella and Sam Story Pack too!) – CONTEST OVER

If you want to make music with Stella, Sam and their fellow band members (including Fred the dog!) then you can grab Stella and Sam Halloween Band for only 99 cents or you can enter the giveaway below. There are five copies to be won! In addition, the lovely folks at zinc Roe also sent over 5 codes for the Stella and Sam Story Pack – lovely animated stories combined with interactive games. One of Oliver’s favourites.

Stella and Sam Halloween Band music app by zinc Roe

Math apps for kids


TWENTY copies of Cutie Monsters by Little Phoenix Interactive – CONTEST OVER

Yes, you read that correctly! I have TEN codes for the iPad version of Cutie Monsters and TEN codes for iPhone. This is an adorable app for little ones learning number recognition and counting. It’s also a storybook with jigsaw puzzles so your little monsters can work on their early reading and fine motor skills too! Cutie Monsters app by Little Phoenix Interactive

Two copies of Annie’s Picking Apples 2 by Real Fun Learning – CONTEST OVER

I’ll be reviewing this app but don’t wait for the review – after all, what could be more autumnal than a squirrel picking apples! I’ve got two copies of this app, worth $2.99, which focuses on counting, sorting, basic physics principles and more. Annie's Picking Apples 2 app by Real Fun Learning

Eight copies of Mystery Math Town for iPad – CONTEST OVER

Artgig Apps is the developer of one of my favourite math apps ever, Marble Math Junior. This Halloween Artgig will be launching Mystery Math Museum which you can read all about here. It’s a follow up to their wildly successful app, Mystery Math Town. If you aren’t familiar with that app or don’t yet have a copy, then luckily for you I have 8 codes you can win! It’s got gorgeous graphics and a really fun premise – fireflies are trapped in houses and buildings all over Mystery Math Town. In order to find and release them you need to check all over each floor of every building and to do that you have to solve math problems. The twist to this mystery is that you are given the answers – your child has to build the equation that will give them the solution they are seek. Mystery Math Town by Artgig Apps

Book apps for kids


Eight book apps from Oceanhouse Media – CONTEST OVER

We’re all huge fans of Oceanhouse Media book apps in our home so I’m very happy that we got to include codes for four apps from OM in this giveaway, including an app that isn’t even out yet! We got codes for two fall apps (The Fall Festival – Little Critter and The Berenstain Bears Go on a Ghost Walk) and just for kicks they sent us codes for two Christmas books as well, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Merry Christmas, Little Critter which you can’t yet find in the app store! The Fall Festival - Little Critter book app by Oceanhouse Media

Five copies of Even Monsters Get Sick by Busy Bee Studios – CONTEST OVER

I love this interactive book app. The story is wonderful, illustrations are gorgeous and it’s got mini games too! Oliver loves it as well and it really came in handy a couple of months ago when I had to take him to the pediatrician.  He was a bit anxious about what would happen but we talked about Zub’s experience with the doctor and he found it really reassuring. It’s worth every penny of its $2.99 price but I have five copies to giveaway! Even Monsters Get Sick book app by Busy Bee Studios

TWENTY FIVE (!) app codes from Night & Day Studios – CONTEST OVER

Q: What do you get when you combine the work of a classic artist and book illustrator with one of the developers that pioneered apps for toddlers and preschoolers? A: Delightful apps that I have loads of codes for! Peekaboo Barn set the standard for apps for little ones when it was released back in 2008. Night & Day Studios has expanded its Peekaboo series since then and I have 15 copies of Peekaboo Trick or Treat with Ed Emberley for you to try and win! In addition, I have 5 codes each for the iPad and iPhone versions of Go Away, Big Green Monster! Peekaboo Trick or Treat with Ed Emberley app by Night & Day Studios

$17 worth of apps from iStoryTime – CONTEST OVER

Oliver loves the storybooks from iStoryTime, whether it’s traditional stories like Henny Penny or the books based on movies like Madagascar. So I’m very happy to have storybooks of both types to giveaway. In Biscuit Visits the Pumpkin Patch kids can enjoy a classic story about the little yellow puppy, together with interactive bonus elements like colouring and sticker books. Then they can amp up the action with the Turbo Movie Storybook Deluxe – because nothing quite says Fall like turbo-charged snails. 🙂 Biscuit Visits the Pumpkin Patch book app by iStoryTime

Nine wonderful storybooks from Wanderful – CONTEST OVER

Back in the day, Living Books were beloved by teachers and parents alike as great interactive storybooks for the PC. They have now made the transition to tablets and Mac, courtesy of Wanderful Storybooks. I was first introduced to these books by a dear friend whose son had enjoyed Living Books when he was a kid – she gifted me two apps to try with the boys. I’m going to write more about these apps in another post because they have features that work well for autistic children as well as others with special needs. Thanks to the developer I have codes for the following iOS apps to giveaway: three codes for Harry and the Haunted House (American English and Spanish), three for Harry and the Haunted House (British English and French) and two codes for In The Dark with the Berenstain Bears. These apps cost $4.99 each – they do have in-app purchases, if you want access to other languages for example. In addition, I have a code for the Mac version of Berenstain Bears in the Dark that sells for $9.99! Harry and the Haunted House app by Wanderful - interactive words

TEN copies of Monster Jam for iPhone – CONTEST OVER

If you or your child has ever dreamed of jamming with monsters then boy, are you in luck, because I have 10 copies of the latest book app from Michelle Anaya, the author of Grendel’s Great Escape. This story features a band called The Ground Hogs, who dream of being Mon-Stars. A big wrench is thrown into their plans however when, just days before the Monster Jam, the band’s lead singer loses her voice!   Monster Jam book app by Michelle Anaya - Play with the Band

Nine codes for some spooktacular stories by PicPocket Books – CONTEST OVER

I have codes for three of PicPocket Books’ titles: first up, four copies to be won for Boo!, a playfully spooky rhyming tale about Halloween night, three copies of The Owl Says Hoot, a rhyming (non-scary) bedtime book for the littlest ones and lastly, two copies of the iPhone version of Yum, Yum, Yum, about a cute little blue bug trying to escape from a monstrous two-headed bug who thinks he’d make a tasty snack.
Boo! book app for Halloween by PicPocket Books

Six codes for some monstrous and mysterious book apps from StoryPanda – CONTEST OVER

StoryPanda have given us $18 worth of apps here! I’ve got three codes for Mompers, a story about a little girl’s encounters with monsters, I mean, Mompers. Then we’ve also got three codes for Scratch and Sniff – the tale of two intrepid pet detectives who commit to finding out the truth – Who stole Boomer’s chew toy?!

Mompers! book app by StoryPanda - hide under the bedclothes!

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