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Act quickly – this giveaway for Kid in Story ends on Sunday night because the app codes expire on Wednesday!

One of my favourite apps for creating social stories is Kid in Story Book Maker. I wrote a review of it here. The crux of my review:

There are more apps to create social stories than you can shake a stick at – what makes Kid in Story unique is the ability to quickly and easily put your child (or other people and items) into a picture. There are photo editing apps that accomplish the same thing using masking, but Kid in Story automates this process for you. If the outline is off, it’s simple to indicate which part of the picture is your child. I think the ability to literally put your kid in the story is what makes this app so useful for creating social stories. If your child is faced with an experience that is brand new to them then you won’t have pictures of them in that situation – sitting in a dentist’s chair, going to school, flying on a plane, and so on. Being able to put your kid into pictures of situations they haven’t yet encountered I believe makes the story more meaningful and concrete in terms of preparing them for a potentially anxious first experience.

And check out the video I made of our moving house social story:

Even if you don’t need to create social stories however this app has lots of other uses – creating photo albums as well as creating your own books – and the stories are easily shareable.

Kid in Story is definitely well worth its current price of $6.99 but if you don’t yet have a copy, you can win one. I have 5 codes to giveaway for this iPad-only app. Act fast though – the giveaway ends Sunday so I can email the codes out on Monday. The codes must be redeemed before they expire on Wednesday!

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