Great app deal: Speak For Yourself – 50% off TODAY ONLY!


Speak For Yourself

TODAY ONLY: the AAC app Speak For Yourself is 50% off – $99.99 instead of $199.99.

Normally I only do a great app deal post if I can personally vouch for the app being terrific. In this case, I don’t yet have a copy of Speak For Yourself but people I respect say wonderful things about it and because of my interest in AAC I thought I had to post and share the news.

I have a little money set aside for exceptional circumstances – I may just have to dip into that pot and buy this app today. I’m particularly excited by the ‘babble’ feature which lets users play with new vocabulary.

If you’re on the fence about whether to buy it, here’s some resources for you:

  • There is a free version that you can download if you want to try the app out.
  • The Appy Ladies have a giveaway for the app (so if you don’t buy it today, enter!) – this page includes a link to Special Apps, Special Kids’ review, a Q&A with the SLPs who developed the app and a YouTube video of the app in action.
  • I’ve heard great things about this app from parents, SLPs and disabled adults (can’t find a post!). It’s designed to be an app that anyone can use from toddlers to adults.

If you decide to buy it today (or any other day), using the link from my blog means Apple will pay me a commission. For your information, you can use any link into iTunes from my blog and any apps or other digital media purchased will result in me receiving a small percentage of Apple’s share of the sale price. Thank you in advance to all those who do that.

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