Happy New Year sale and freebie from SBKM!

Obviously a New Year sale should have started last week but the kids were still home and life was just too busy. So instead this New Year sale is a combined “back to school, Happy Birthday Gingerheaddad (for January 10th)” celebration and “OMG-Trump-Is-Really-Going-To-Be-President-Soon-Isn’t-He?” wake.

For this week, January 9th to 15th 2017 (inclusive), all pre-mades in my store are 20% off. Given how cold it is here and in many other places it’s a great time to buy the scarves, cowls and neckwarmers I have in the store. Also, the shawl is merino wool so don’t be fooled by its lacey appearance, it wraps into a lovely, warm soft scarf you can use right now.

I’ll be adding a new pre-made to the store every day this week and today it’s this warm and fluffy triangle scarf:

Crochet charcoal-aqua triangular scarf with tassels

In addition, al custom orders placed this week will receive 10% off the cost. As custom orders are priced individually, yes, in theory I could be “clever” and bump up the cost by 10% before applying the discount but you know me and I won’t do that. Please don’t be confused by the price of the custom order – you aren’t buying a unicorn for $45 (unless you want to!) – after you’ve placed the order I contact you and we agree on a price and you pay at that point.

For you crocheters out there, if you haven’t already seen it, I just published a new, free crochet pattern for snow buddies which you can download here. Last year Oliver asked me to make a snowman. He likes small crochet buddies usually but all the patterns I liked were for larger snow people. If they were for mini snow peeps they required me to sew or attach on fiddly, tiny items which is just not my thing. One even suggested using a glue gun to attach crochet and other pieces together. That’s not my style – I like to (in general) crochet all the pieces rather than using felt, sticks and polymer clay or whatever and I like to avoid sewing as much as possible (although I’m getting less sewing-averse). Into this world the pattern for a no-sew snow person was born and I named her Frida (which means peace) because she was published on New Year’s Eve. Enjoy!

Wishing you and yours a happy, peaceful 2017.

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