New look and new pattern – Joe the crochet coffee cup

I just published my first crochet pattern that I’m asking money for… and I’ve already had one purchase! So let me introduce you to – Joe the crochet coffee cup – he’s an ordinary Joe who wears his heart on his sleeve. I’ll give you a little back story on Joe and also let you know about the new look that SBKM is getting. Exciting times folks!

A couple of years ago I discovered the Happy Coffee Cup pattern by Allison Hoffman of Crafty is Cool. I thought it was pretty adorable so I bought the pattern and made my first coffee cup, crocheting the sleeve. The biggest coffee fan in my life is Gingerheaddad and he was pretty excited to welcome this wee crochet coffee cup into his family of little plushies made by me. He likes to take them places and document their travels:

He also enjoys naming his crochet friends. At first he was thinking of calling his crochet coffee cup Demi, as in demitasse, but he finally settled on Joe. In November last year he attended the annual get together for Canadian fundraisers and, as he always does, took his wee stuffies with him. Two of them, including Joe, found new homes with other fundraisers.

Obviously I needed to make Gingerheaddad a new coffee cup but I wanted to design my own that would be:

  • 100% crocheted
  • have a heart motif on the sleeve
  • slightly bigger
  • able to stand up on its own
  • closer in shape to a take-out coffee cup

And Joe 2.0 has now been born! Here’s some pictures of Joe, together with a picture from the pattern so you can see an example of the detailed progress pictures it includes:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In addition, this pattern is the first one I’ve published which features my super-cool new logo:


Small But Kinda Mighty beetle logo


For those of you not familiar with how my blog got it’s name and why I ended up with a Hercules beetle (a type of Rhinocerous beetle) as my mascot, check out this post from 5 years ago. It fits perfectly with the things I love to crochet most – wee stuffies with outsize personalities. For those of you who find the beetle daunting, please be assured that they are extremely gentle fruit eaters and very popular pets in Japan. If you’re a Disney Pixar fan you may recall that Dim in A Bug’s Life is a rhinocerous beetle.

I hope you crocheters out there consider buying the pattern and enjoy making your own cup of Joe. For those of you not inclined to crochet, there are a handful of Joes currently for sale in the online store.

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