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Deanne Shoyer, OMum22

After successfully fundraising in order to purchase iPads for both of her children, Deanne Shoyer became very active in the special needs app community. Deanne was an admin and founding member of AppAble, a Facebook community designed to bring developers together with parents and others involved with special needs children. For 18 months she wrote and edited app reviews and features for Smart Apps for Kids and now she writes app reviews for The iMums.

Deanne has been active in social media for over three years. Here on Small But Kinda Mighty she shares her experiences as a parent of twin boys who are both on the autism spectrum, as well as writing about subjects of interest to her like books, history and apps. Within a year her blog amassed nearly 2,300 followers (subscribers, in addition to followers on Facebook and Twitter) and has resulted in guest posting engagements at The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism , Help We’ve Got Kids, Technology in Education and Tribal Nova’s blog. She has also written an Insider’s Guide to Toronto, her blog reached the Top 15 in Babble.com’s 2012 popular vote for the Top 30 Autism Blogs for Parents and she was voted the Circle of Moms #1 Tech Mom blogger for 2013.

Deanne also has a site at Conversation and Content which outlines the services she can offer app developers in relation to content and social media marketing.

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