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I had a wonderful time on the weekend

I have tonnes¬†of things I want to blog about and yet seemingly no time to blog! I am working today but I really wanted to share some things about the weekend so I’m drafting this over my lunch break. I apologize if this post is therefore a little rough and ready. ūüôā The weather was […]

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I’m not a bad parent…right?

I’ve read a number of blog posts¬†where¬†the writer describes the ways that strangers or relatives¬†make them feel that¬†their¬†parenting skills are inadequate. This post will not be adding to that number. It is about a recent struggle I’ve had in dealing with some challenging behaviours. My reactions to those behaviours¬†led me to conclude (at least initially) […]

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Information gleaned from an Eating Strategies workshop for parents of ASD kids

I recently attended a workshop run by the Geneva Centre for Autism ( called “Eating Strategies”. The workshop is designed for parents of children who are on the autism spectrum and have difficulties eating a varied diet. Most of the parents in attendance had children who were younger than 7 but the¬†behavioural therapists¬†running the workshop […]

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“Wombs of Doom” or “How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Poisoning My Children with SSRIs”

Some days the internet is bursting with awesome! Some days the internet sucks: For me, yesterday was one of the days I wished I could pee on the internet. The reason was¬†because of the reaction to¬†a couple of autism studies¬† just published in the Archives of General Psychiatry. One of those studies was an evaluation […]

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Oliver and his iPad

Oliver has always had challenges with grooming. Nail clipping, ear cleaning, hair washing, teeth brushing, you name it. I’ve done a lot of de-sensitizing with him and although I do still get the occasional foot in the face¬†he is generally¬†a lot calmer now. The one thing he still can’t handle though is getting his haircut. […]

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Our iPad journey continues

The boys’ iPads arrived this week. I can hardly believe that they are here, it seems like a dream come true! I’ve got a special surprise planned for those who made a financial contribution¬†to our fund¬†but in the interim I wanted to acknowledge some individuals and developers I’ve found to be especially supportive of¬†the boys […]

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