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Things I’ve learned through experience – about myself or life in general


I’m not a bad parent…right?

I’ve read a number of blog posts where the writer describes the ways that strangers or relatives make them feel that their parenting skills are inadequate. This post will not be adding to that number. It is about a recent struggle I’ve had in dealing with some challenging behaviours. My reactions to those behaviours led me to conclude (at least initially) […]

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Information gleaned from an Eating Strategies workshop for parents of ASD kids

I recently attended a workshop run by the Geneva Centre for Autism ( called “Eating Strategies”. The workshop is designed for parents of children who are on the autism spectrum and have difficulties eating a varied diet. Most of the parents in attendance had children who were younger than 7 but the behavioural therapists running the workshop […]

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Never, never, never giving up

I was never a runner. As a child I actually wasn’t into any sports but when I left home and went to university I started to do certain physical activities like teaching myself to swim. Over the years I expanded my exercise repertoire and before the boys were born I was actually a bit of […]

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