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There are a number of way that you can support me, my kids and my blog at absolutely no cost to you:

SHOP online using my links!

If you use my links when shopping online I will receive a small commission from the retailer.

  • Search and shop Amazon or ebay using my widgets over there —->
  • Shop using my links – here’s the page you can shop from. Please bookmark the page – there are nearly 100,000 merchants using Skimlinks so if there’s somewhere you shop regularly or you are planning a big online purchase, please let me know if you want me to add a retailer for you. :)
  • When I write about a product (an app or a book for example) I will link to where you can look and buy it if you choose
  • Sign up for Dropbox using my link. I’ll get more free storage space!
Show me some social media / analytics love!

Companies look at this sort of thing when deciding whether to work with you.

  • Install the Alexa extension (depending on the browser you use) and visit my site often


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