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80 Days by inkle day time options

80 Days by inkle – app review and giveaway

  Those of you who participated in last year’s Halloween giveaway may recall that inkle kindly gave me some promo codes for their app, Sorcery! I’d actually approached them on the off chance they had copies of their gorgeous digital rendering of Frankenstein available but having discovered Sorcery!, I was both intrigued and impressed. As with Frankenstein, […]

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Things My Autistic Kids Love: Books

  I had drafted this post before we moved house as a guest blog for another site. As they decided not to run it, I’m sharing it here as one of my ‘Things my autistic kids love’ posts. My autistic kids love books and that’s a good thing, not something that needs to be suppressed. […]

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Axel’s Chain Reaction – free until Oct 4 – app review

I bumped up my review of Axel’s Chain Reaction because this week it’s FREE to download. So, if you’re reading this before October 5th and it sounds like a book you’re be interested in, download it now while it’s FREE! Summary – is the app worth buying? Definitely download it while it’s free. After that, […]

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The first day of summer holidays: mmmmmy birthday

  Yesterday was the last day of school so the boys were home today, which also happens to be my birthday. One of the projects I wanted to get started on with Oliver this summer was going through Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. The first lesson focuses on the ‘mmm’ sound […]

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Autism Awareness graphic by Because Patterns

Giveaways to support and encourage autism acceptance

  I realized that a number of the giveaways I had planned were connected in some way or other with autism so you can find them all here, in one convenient post. I have more stuff to add so please do keep checking in. Loud Hands: Autistic people, Speaking Courtesy of me, enter to win […]

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Three Cups of Deceit: A timely book review as we move into A4CWSN’s third year

Periodically I check if authors whose writing I like have anything new out that I haven’t read. One of the authors whose work I enjoy very much is Jon Krakauer. All his books are good in my opinion but my favourite is Into Thin Air – if you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. […]

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Dog Trots Globe: iBook Review and Giveaway

This short but sweet little book would be a fun read for older children, anyone with a dog in the family and also those who enjoy either travel stories or love the region of Provence and it’s food. I would say it’s a must-buy if you have a Sheltie as a companion. Dog Trots Globe […]

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Shop online at Amazon

Shop Amazon at SBKM and support my blog at no extra cost to you!

  If you buy anything on Amazon you can now support this blog at the same time – at no cost to you! As most of you know, I lost my job in January and I provide all the financial support for my children who are both on the autism spectrum. I received a great […]

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Book review – Adventures of One Sock: My Pal Rodger

  Summary: My Pal Rodger is a lovely story with gorgeous illustrations and I recommend it for reading with your kids. I think they’ll get a real kick out of the “dog vs. boy” plot with a happy ending, and that it will spark some great discussion about pets (and autism as well, if you’re […]

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Reflections on The Panic Virus by Seth Mnookin

I know this is the kind of blog post that has the capacity to attract some attention and not all of it positive. For that reason I hesitated about whether or not I would even publish it but decided to forge ahead. Why did I decide to share my thoughts about this book? Well, I’m a parent of […]

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