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Kid in Story Book Maker

Giveaway for Kid in Story Book Maker!

  Act quickly – this giveaway for Kid in Story ends on Sunday night because the app codes expire on Wednesday! One of my favourite apps for creating social stories is Kid in Story Book Maker. I wrote¬†a review of it here. The crux of my review: There are more apps to create social stories […]

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Gorilla Band app

Gorilla Band app review (with video!) and giveaway

  If you do nothing else then make the time to watch the video of the Gorilla Band app in action at the bottom of this review – it’s got some footage of Oliver that is guaranteed to make you smile. You may be aware that I have recently written a few guest posts for […]

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GoNow Sleek iPad Case by Attainment Company

iPad cases – when iDevices are used for AAC – a review of the GoNow Sleek

  Some posts remain a work in progress for a long time. This one however has set new records and for that I apologize, both to readers who have been waiting for it and to Attainment Company, who kindly gave me a GoNow Sleek case to review. I had the post ready to go in […]

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Ten great visual support apps

  If your kids are having a tough time with Back to School, consider helping them along with visual supports. Why do I like visual aids? Here’s why: My kids can’t always process what you tell them but they can understand what you show them. For learning new skills a visual task list is worth […]

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Chatting with Owen on the subway: an AAC eye-opener

  As those who read my recent post on this subject know, I’m currently working on building up Owen’s core vocabulary using Proloquo2Go (P2G), an AAC app we recently acquired thanks to the generosity of friends. Prior to getting P2G we were working with TalkTablet and Owen’s communication home page in that app was put […]

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See Owen using Proloquo2Go!

  I’ve got a couple of posts drafted about AAC (I think my epitaph will read ‘She had a post drafted about this’) but I just had to share with you the initial successes I’ve had using Proloquo2Go (P2G) with Owen. An extremely kind friend gifted the app to me to use at home with […]

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Great app deal: Felt Board by Software Smoothie

  If you are: human; and own an iPad; and don’t yet own a copy of Felt Board by Software Smoothie; then today is your lucky day. Until the end of the day (about 10pm central) Tuesday, July 9th, you can grab this app for only 99 cents instead of its usual price of $2.99! […]

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Preparing to move house: a review of Kid in Story as an app for creating social stories

As regular readers know, the twins and I are moving house shortly. This can be a tough transition for any child but I’m anticipating that leaving the only home they’ve ever known will be even tougher on my two autistic little ones. If you have any tips or strategies that worked well for you or […]

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SBKM’s Ten Best Kids’ apps from Canadian developers

  It’s Canada Day tomorrow so I thought it might be fun to put together a list of my favourite apps for children that have been brought to you by Canadian developers. Four of them are also FREE right now so there’s no excuse not to download those at no cost while you can. All […]

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SplashMath Kindergarten app by StudyPad

Jellybean Tunes App Report #75

  I’m particularly excited this week about StudyPad’s latest app, SplashMath Kindergarten. Read about it and other family-friendly app news in this week’s edition of the Jellybean Tunes App Report.   Become a math superhero, learn about potty training, and solve the final puzzle in Happi & The Pirates for a chance to win an […]

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