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one pot meals

Easy, cheap, one-pot meals

  I know what you’re thinking – SBKM is not a food blog! You’re right, it’s not and I’m not planning to turn it into one either, but I’ve been experimenting with some one-pot meals this winter and a number of my friends have asked for recipes so I thought, hey, why not put them […]

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Things My Autistic Kids Love: Books

  I had drafted this post before we moved house as a guest blog for another site. As they decided not to run it, I’m sharing it here as one of my ‘Things my autistic kids love’ posts. My autistic kids love books and that’s a good thing, not something that needs to be suppressed. […]

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Is there anything we can do to prevent parents murdering their disabled children?

    Trigger warning: this discussion centres on the murder of disabled children by their parents. I’ve written before about how I feel towards parents who murder their children. Since I wrote What will survive of us is love in March 2012, more children have died or been attacked at the hands of their parents […]

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Lunchbox Love – review and giveaway

  A while ago, I contacted the folks at Say Please to let them know I loved the idea of their Lunchbox Love concept and would they be interested in me writing a review? They said yes and were kind enough to send me 4 boxes of cards to take a look at and they […]

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Great app deal: Choiceworks by BeeVisual

  So many blog posts, so little time! I had to make time however to ensure all of you are aware that Choiceworks has dropped in price to only $4.99. I have no idea how long this price drop will be in effect so if you don’t yet have a copy of this Visual Support […]

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Thoughts about divisions Part III: Autism parents and autistic self-advocates

  *trigger warning* there are some phrases and pictures in this post that some of you might find disturbing. I’ve had a draft of this post in my inbox since September but it’s been percolating in my head for even longer than that. I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I wrote my […]

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To the SEPRC… and beyond!

This is my second post regarding the process I went through in order to get Oliver and Owen placed within the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). The first post can be found here and is an outline of the services we accessed and steps taken up to and including school registration. This next step would […]

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I’m not a bad parent…right?

I’ve read a number of blog posts where the writer describes the ways that strangers or relatives make them feel that their parenting skills are inadequate. This post will not be adding to that number. It is about a recent struggle I’ve had in dealing with some challenging behaviours. My reactions to those behaviours led me to conclude (at least initially) […]

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