Nature Journaling for kids - free printable pdf
Difference and Diversity: Digital downloads only

Difference and Diversity: Digital downloads only

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The Difference and Diversity supporting materials consist of 45 pages of material designed to support play based learning as well as your natural science and social studies curricula:

  • PDF illustrated copies of the stories, "The Three Butterfly Buddies" and "Clover the Curious Wee Bee". I can also email you epub versions of these stories.
  • Social narratives (social stories) about emotions, difference and diversity using the characters from the Bee and Butterfly stories
  • Suggested reading - a list of books that can be used to provide supplemental learning or encourage further discussion about the themes covered by the play set.
  • Ideas for incorporating learning about bees, butterflies, flowers and pollinators into play
  • Craft ideas that tie in with the stories and the themes within them.

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Nature journaling for kids

This free handout is a 10 page PDF which includes:

  • resources for educators and homeschoolers including websites, books, videos and articles
  • recommendations for books to read with children of all ages to encourage them to spend time and play outside as well as observe, learn from and feel more connected to nature (especially in urban environments).