Amigurumi Pumpkin | FREE CROCHET PATTERN!

Amigurumi Pumpkin: want to crochet an amigurumi pumpkin? Well why don't you go ahead and do it using my FREE pattern for Seamus the pumpkin! Download the pattern here:

I designed this pumpkin a couple of years ago. Back then, even though there were seemingly endless pumpkin patterns out there, I couldn't find one that was both creepy and cute, or one where the indents in the gourd were not made by tying threads around the outside.

Included with the pattern is a copy of my story, The Legend of Stingy Jack o' the lantern, a retelling of an Irish folklore legend regarding the origin of making jack o'lanterns for Halloween.

And, there are two video tutorials where I walk through exactly how to make Seamus. In the first video I demonstrate how to make the whites of the eyes and how to make the pumpkin itself up to round 15. You can watch that video here:

In the second video I demonstrate how to finish the gourd, sew on the whites of the eyes and how to crochet the stalk and vine. You can check out part 2 here: 

If you do make Seamus using my pattern then I hope you will share a picture of your finished project! You can post a picture in my Facebook crochet group or if you post your pumpkin pic on Instagram, make sure to tag me.

The one I created in order to write out the pattern was made with worsted weight yarn and a size 3.75mm crochet hook. For the video tutorials I used a heavier weight yarn and a bigger size hook but followed the same pattern. I think this chunky pumpkin might be my favourite so far!

Crochet pumpkin free pattern - chunky crochet amigurumi pumpkin held in hands by woman wearing blue sweater


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