For Educators

A portion of the sale proceeds for all play sets and supporting digital materials will be donated to Halton Learning Foundation.

Maybe you want to give kids the space and tools to encourage play that is joyful, engaging, interactive and creative. You'd like the tools to be handcrafted but  the quest to find them is proving to be a challenge. Handmade toys which are intentionally designed to encourage a love of stories and develop storytelling skills don’t grow on trees, let alone at big box stores. High quality creations that take into account children’s sensory needs and support their development of emotional intelligence and social skills can be difficult to find, even online.

The toys in the play sets and the digital materials are sold separately, so you can buy what you need most. Buying the toys and the sets together allows for bundled savings.

All play sets are made to order so toys can be made in the colour combinations you choose.

I do my best to get your product to you as soon as possible but please allow approximately 6-8 weeks from the time of order until completion. Upon receipt of your order I will email to confirm a current estimated time of delivery.

If you are local to Hamilton, Ontario, curbside pickup is available.

Why buy toys from Small But Kinda Mighty instead of from a big box store? 

  • My toys are 100% handmade. Crochet is a process that cannot be mechanized so each stitch is made by hand. Every toy takes, on average, 6 hours to make.
  • They come with their own stories, designed to encourage development of story telling skills. Each story has its own, handmade, story booklet.
  • With a couple of exceptions, only natural materials are utilized, not synthetics. I use 100% merino wool for both the toys and the carrying case, to ensure they are soft to touch and comforting to hold.
  • The toys are designed to be hand-held. This ensures they are easily portable items, able to provide comfort during travel, transitions, medical appointments and in any new or stressful environment.
  • The characters' faces are deliberately kept simple, usually consisting of eyes only. This encourages children to learn about emotions and feelings from context - either through reading or using their imagination.
  • Whenever possible, separate parts of each toy are crocheted together rather than sewn. This improves the toy’s durability and ensures they can withstand robust handling.
  • If you want to use the toys on felt or other backgrounds I can attach velcro circles to the back of each toy.