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Luna, the Moon, is one of the characters in my educational play set, "Regulate Your Universe" The theme of this set is planetary science and helping children learn about self regulation, mindfulness and dealing with overwhelm. The Grumpy Moon package is part of the supporting materials for Regulate Your Universe but I decided to also offer it as a standalone package for those parents or educators who need resources specifically focused on helping kids successfully cope with life changes and transitions.

Michele Walker, who has a Master's in Applied Educational Psychology and is the founder of BeeVisual LLC, reviewed the supporting materials for Regulate Your Universe and had this to say:

"I can see how much work, time, thought, creativity and SOUL went into this project! This package should be standard use for parents, homeschoolers, elementary education. And special education. I cant mean this more!


The fact that you did all the work and made it so people can choose to use at varying levels (just the story, story with tangible components, links and suggestions for further understanding!) is SO comprehensive. Bravo!


The Grumpy Moon story is brilliantly fun and creative and brings understanding to the process of change. By demonstrating and teaching the concept of change through naturally occurring moon phases and use of visual strategies, educators and parents will know what to employ when a known change is about to occur for a student or child.


Grumpy Moon simultaneously teaches multiple concepts, at various levels including science, change, and strategies to support self-regulation. 


Personification of the moon allows the learner to identify with feelings and concerns the moon has about change. The story is very engaging and relatable, which means the concepts being taught are highly likely to be learned and utilized.


Strategically displaying upcoming changes on a visual calendar help calm the moon because it shows her what to expect. Observing the moon's success, the learner takes away a willingness to try the moons strategy. A very fun and engaging way to help teach, learn and cope with change!"

Full disclosure: BeeVisual is the developer of the Choiceworks and Choiceworks Calendar apps featured in the Grumpy Moon story.

Here's my YouTube video outlining my six recommendations for helping children prepare for change and how the Grumpy Moon package supports those six steps:


The Grumpy Moon package includes: 

  • Luna's story (Grumpy Moon), a cute short story to read with kids about the Moon, and how her friends work together to help her better handle change.
  • A social narrative packed full of practical strategies to assist parents and educators in helping kids cope with transitions, anxiety, overwhelm and changes, big and small.
  • Both Grumpy Moon and the social narrative are available as epub files so you can read them on an iDevice - email me at info@smallbutkindamighty if you would like the epub files and I will send them to you at no extra cost.
  • an infographic summarizing my six recommendations for helping kids prepare for change.

You can buy just the package outlined above or you can purchase the digital downloads as a bundle, together with a Luna toy:


If you want to purchase the Choiceworks Calendar iPad app featured in Grumpy Moon, click here to purchase it from the App Store.

And remember, a portion of all the sale proceeds for play sets and supporting materials will be donated to Community Living Hamilton.

Here's the infographic featured in the video above and this is included in the Grumpy Moon package:


Infographic - six recommendations for helping kids successfully prepare for change

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