Crochet ribbed scarf pattern: Day 14 of the Relax and Hook Blog Hop

Crochet ribbed scarf pattern: Day 14 of the Relax and Hook blog hop features The Crochet Knit Look Scarf. Use this simple crochet scarf pattern to create ribbed, stretchy fabric for a lovely scarf that's cosy without too much bulk, modern and gender neutral. Perfect to use if you're making scarves as gifts or to donate.

The Crochet Knit Look Scarf

Today's featured FREE pattern is for The Crochet Knit Look Scarf from Toyslab Creations. The pattern uses the yarn over slip stitch and has a video tutorial. If you're a relaxed crocheter who can make slip stitches that aren't too tight to work into, then you can easily make this scarf.

As long as you're comfortable slip stitching, then this makes for a terrific mindful crochet project as the fabric is created using a one row repeat, and the scarf requires no seaming or fancy finishes. Great pattern to work on while you binge-watch a show on Netflix!

Please do check out the other designs from Toyslab Creations and take the time to thank Sulaimon for participating in this event. You can find her here:



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Click on the graphic below to head to the Toyslab Creations website to download The Crochet Knit Look Scarf for FREE. Once you get there, scroll down the page, click on the Relax and Hook Ravelry download graphic, add the pattern to your cart and use the coupon code SCARF.

The discount only applies from 8.00am (EDT) on September 14th, 2022 to 8:00am (EDT) on September 15th, 2022.

crochet ribbed scarf pattern

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