Easy crochet Christmas ornaments | Day 2 of SBKM's 12 Days of Hookmas

Easy crochet Christmas ornaments - there are so many gorgeous Christmas ornament crochet patterns out there but not many of them are easy things to crochet for beginners. Yesterday I shared my first of 12 easy, free crochet projects that people can easily make in time for the holidays. For Day 2 I've put my amigurumi ball pattern into a downloadable pdf, together with instructions on how to modify the basic design into a Christmas ornament.

There's a free written pattern, a walk through YouTube video and it's an easy project for beginner crocheters. A sphere is a basic shape and an essential part of many amigurumi designs so if you want to make amigurumi this is a great first project.

If you make a Christmas ornament (or just a ball!) using my pattern I would so love to see it - please do join my crochet Facebook group to share your pictures and show off any of your other completed projects. See you tomorrow for Day 3 of SBKM's 12 Days of Hookmas!

Download the Free written amigurumi ball pattern here:

Walk through video for an amigurumi ball is here:

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