How to make no cook playdough without cream of tartar

How to make no cook playdough - here, it is HOT, the kids have been home since March, and we all could use activities that are cooling, calming and, well, not TOO active!

Take a look at my latest video for aromatherapy Moon dough and then make sure you download 9 sensory play recipes for FREE!



Moon dough is cool to the touch, stretchy and smooth. I find it incredibly therapeutic to play with and because I use hand lotion instead of hair conditioner my hands feel really good after playing with it.

And if you haven't already, make sure you download the FREE Planetary Sensory Walk digital handout. It includes the moon dough recipe, 8 home made sensory bin recipes (one for each planet in the solar system) including kinetic sand, cloud dough and oobleck, together with sensory play ideas and fun science and planetary facts. This handout is 20 pages of FREE sensory, science-y fun - perfect for a long, hot summer. Click here to add to your cart (no payment on checkout needed):


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