Nature Scavenger Hunt printable - 5 ways this one is different

Are you still not convinced that little kids and disabled children CAN do nature journaling? Or maybe you think you don't need another nature scavenger hunt printable because you've tried them all before? Well, read on, because this Fall Nature Sound Hunt differs in FIVE important ways from other scavenger hunts.

Or if you prefer, watch on, because I made a video about my latest digital download:

What makes this nature scavenger hunt awesome? Well, scavenger hunts (or treasure hunts) are a terrific way to get prompts to fill the pages of a nature journal! 

But it's no use me finding ways to make nature journaling accessible and inclusive for children of all ages and abilities, if one of the main ways to obtain prompts to use to fill the journal pages isn't also accessible and inclusive.

  • So, like everything else I create, this is an inclusive, accessible activity and I've done all the work for you!
  • Typical scavenger hunt lists focus on checking off things kids see. Not only does this exclude visually impaired kids, it can lead to frustration for children who can't find what's on the list - let's face it, birds, insects, etc, can be hard to see. This activity is a sound hunt for late summer and Fall. Perfect for back to school for both educators and parents.
  • A sound hunt takes the pressure off finding things and gets kids focused on listening to and being mindful of their surroundings.
  • These lists usually contain a bunch of nouns. In this activity there's lots of suggestions for focusing on core vocabulary.
  • It's designed to encourage outside time but you don't have to go on a walk to do it. You can even do it from indoors.
    1. In the video you will see both my autistic sons enjoying this nature sound hunt with me. My son Owen is non-speaking, and uses an iPad to communicate.

      The Fall Nature Sound Hunt digital package isn't just a printable list but also comes with lots of ideas for:

        • how to use it;
        • core words you can easily use with this activity and some ideas for how to incorporate them;
        • books to read in conjunction with the sound hunt; and
        • if you have a copy of the First Then Visual Schedule HD iOS app or you're interested in buying it, then I can share the checklist seen in the video for you to just download and use on your phone.

      Yep, zero preparation required on your part!

      Here's a summary of all the links you could possibly be interested in:

      Where possible, I do use affiliate links, please note that if you click on them then I will receive a small commission but your cost remains the same.

      I've got plans to make additional Fall scavenger digital handouts that cover the other senses, and I will be putting some together for the other seasons as well. Which one(s) are you most looking forward to or, more importantly, is there one you need? Let me know!

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