Phases Of The Moon Activity - Astronomy And Space For Kids

Phases Of The Moon Activity! If you've been looking for phases of the moon activity ideas and phases of the moon facts explained simply; all put together as an easy, accessible way to teach astronomy and space for kids, you're in the right spot!

Continuing on from my video and blog post Night activities for kids: a new moon, and a firefly jar craft today I'm sharing information about phases of the moon from the new moon to the full moon, how to take a picture of the moon using just your iPhone and a tutorial on how to make your own phases of the moon journal.

Resources referred to in the video are:

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    Learning about phases of the moon



      Moon journal materials

      1. Manila file folder
      2. Scrapbook paper or other covering for the file folder
      3. Scissors
      4. Two brown paper lunch or snack bags
      5. Masking or other tape to strengthen spine of journal
      6. Craft glue
      7. Two hair ties
      8. Paint brush or sponge brush
      9. Black gesso
      10. Black and white acrylic paint
      11. Something round to use for your moon shape and a silver Sharpie or similar permanent marker or paint pen
      12. Make up sponge
      13. Spare scrapbook paper to make masks
      14. Painter's or washi tape

      This moon journal was constructed using the same method as my Spring Journal (see Nature Journaling for Kids video for a journal walk-through). This is turn was based on Cat Hand's MMM Snack Bag Book.

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