Quick easy crochet projects | Crochet Christmas Gift Ideas | Day 1 - Bunny from a square

Quick easy crochet projects - I recently saw a meme that I found hilarious. I'm not sure where it originated but I've produced a more legible, better quality version (see below) - can you relate?! I've also seen a few posts in some crochet Facebook groups where people are looking for crochet gift ideas for Christmas that can be worked up quickly, so I'm sharing 12 easy, free crochet projects that people can make in plenty of time for the holidays.

Blue background with white text that reads "Me in November: I will make a beautiful, hand crafted gift for everyone I love. Me in December: I love two people."

If you are a crocheter, would love to be a crocheter, or you know someone who fits that description, I want to ask you some quick questions! Please book some time in my calendar or, if you don't find a time slot that works for you, just email me so we can sort out something that works for both of us. It will only take 20 minutes or so and I won't try to sell you anything - it's for market research.

So SBKM's 12 Days of Hookmas start here, with a Bunny from a Square. There's a free written pattern, a walk through YouTube video and it's an easy project for beginner crocheters. If you don't want to make a cuddly bunny, you could use the basic design as gift wrap for something else! One of the folks who took my Beginner Crochet class made the bunny shown below, and stuffed it with chocolates as an Easter gift. Too cute!

Quick easy crochet projects - Crochet bunny from a square stuffed with chocolates as a gift

If you make a bunny from a square using my pattern I would so love to see it - please do join my crochet Facebook group to share your bunny pictures and show off any of your other completed projects. See you tomorrow for Day 2 of SBKM's 12 Days of Hookmas!


I still have some Bunny from a Crochet Square kits which you can grab here:

Download the Free written pattern for the Bunny in a Square here:

Walk through video for the bunny is here:

Complete beginners can download my free learn to crochet starter guide which shows you how to crochet a square:

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