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<p style="text-align: center;">Quote from Heather Graham: </p> <p style="text-Deanne taught a 'beginner crochet' workshop that I attended on the anniversary of my Mom's passing. Crocheting was something I learned from my Mom when I was much younger, and I thought I had forgotten to do it. Deanne's calm, encouraging manner (and excellent instruction) helped me to rediscover this craft, and to feel connected to my Mom again - Heather Graham

Why am I writing to remind you to "remember your why"? Well, this week a few things had me focusing on remembering mine and so I thought maybe you'd appreciate a nudge too?

Two of the positive reasons I've been focusing on my vision, mission and values are:

  • I'm applying for a small business grant and as part of that I have to write a business plan convincing enough to get in front of a grant committee and argue my case.
  • Jillian Howard-Bowman of Hijinx Strategies has been putting a group of us through our paces as part of her 5-Day Reboot Challenge. If you're a small business owner and haven't yet encountered Jillian, I highly recommend following her.

Mulling over my why got me thinking about both my children and my childhood. If you'll bear with me, let me share a few of my happiest memories from spending some summer vacations with my paternal grandparents. The memories are centred on my grandfather, for reasons that are hopefully obvious:

  • Granddad taking me to the local park to play tennis, even though he and I were both awful tennis players. I would wear a headband which I thought made me look like Bjorn Borg.
  • Playing board games like snakes and ladders and Sorry!
  • Pleading with him to read me stories at bedtime. His argument was that I could read them myself at my age; I would counter with, "but it's not the same!"
  • Their house had no central heating so when it was chilly I would have a stand up wash in the kitchen, which was far warmer than the bathroom. Grandma would let me use her talcum powder which I would get everywhere. Granddad would joke, "I see the flour delivery man has made another evening delivery"
  • Chatting about history. One time on one of our walks we disagreed about who the monarch before Queen Victoria was. (I said William IV, he said George IV). Once back home we checked the encyclopedia (imagine, no Google!) and he was so proud and impressed that I was right and he'd been wrong.

All of my most treasured childhood memories have something in common - all are instances of personal connections - someone taking time out of their day to focus their attention on me. Whether it was playing games together, reading together, chatting about shared interests, laughing over in-jokes or walking and spending time outside - not only were memories created, but interests were forged and strengthened; interests (history, books, playing board games & spending time outside) that have remained with me for decades.

Everything I do in my business is fruit from a tree. A tree whose seeds were planted by my Granddad in the 1970s. I want to help as many people as possible create those memories and connections with the children in their lives. Whether those children are kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews or students.

Whatever it is that brought you here - whether it's toys, stories or play-based learning ideas; maybe you want to learn how to crochet for your grandchild or want an heirloom toy for a new born; I want to do whatever I can to help you spark those lifelong interests and create those enduring, happy memories.

"connecting and creating with a loved one is something that stays with them forever. I hope a lot of people take on this project with their little humans and make all the memories" - Erica Guidi


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