Simple crochet shawl pattern: Day 26 of the Relax and Hook blog hop

Simple crochet shawl pattern: Day 26 of the Relax and Hook blog hop features the Honeycomb Shawl. I love how beautifully mindful this design is and how it was designed to have lovely texture, whether the fabric is blocked or unblocked.

If you didn't get the chance to watch my interview with the designer, Joanne Elgie, when we were chatting live last week, then I highly recommend watching the replay:


The Honeycomb Shawl

Today's featured FREE pattern is for The Honeycomb Shawl by Woolly Wonders by Jo. And today is Jo's birthday so make sure you wish her "Happy Birthday" when you thank her for participating in and supporting this event! Here's Jo outlining what makes this shawl a lovely, simple, mindful crochet project:

"This is a deceptively simple make. It creates the most beautiful detail, but there are only 2 stitches used and it is a straightforward two row pattern repeat. The increases only happen on every alternate row, which gives it a lovely triangular shape. The combination of the stitches used give the most amazing texture and a lot of stretch, meaning that after blocking, the true honeycomb detail can really be seen. But, if you choose not to, you can skip the blocking as the texture is completely different without it - do whatever you prefer! But remember that blocking will give it the size of a shawl. There is also no seaming - you will just need to sew in your ends and where gauge is exactly crucial for this item, instructions for making your swatch are given as matching gauge will affect the size of the finished item as well as the amount of yarn used."

If you missed out on any or all of the previous five blanket patterns when they were free, don't worry, for five more days you can grab a copy of the Relax and Hook ebook. You get all 30 designs from the blog hop plus 10 bonus patterns, but this pattern bundle is only available for the month of September 2022.

Please do check out Jo's other designs and take the time to thank her for participating in Relax and Hook. You can find her here:





Click on the graphic below to head to the Woolly Wonders by Jo website to download The Honeycomb Shawl for FREE. Once you get there, scroll down the page, click on the Relax and Hook Ravelry download graphic, add the pattern to your cart and use the coupon code MINDFULCROCHET.

The discount only applies from 8.00am (EDT) on September 26th, 2022 to 8:00am (EDT) on September 27th, 2022.

simple crochet shawl pattern

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