Suncatcher Crafts For Kids

Suncatcher Crafts For Kids. Parents are always on the lookout for crafts for kids but they're not always crafts for kids that are easy to do at home. Here are 3 different suncatcher craft ideas - 2 of them are easy and one is a little more fiddly and time consuming.


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Tissue paper suncatcher

  1. Framed clear glass. I got mine from the dollar store. For a more homemade look and if you want to make a smaller suncatcher, paper plates and popsicle sticks can also be used to make frames.
  2. Wax paper and tissue paper. We used supplies we already had at home but you can easily get these from the dollar store.
  3. Mod podge (or watered down white glue) and a brush or applicator sponge. I got ours from Michael's.
  4. Scissors to trim the dry suncatcher to size.

Clear glue suncatcher

  1. Plastic lid to use as a mold. We used ones from yoghurt pots.
  2. Small bead or perler bead.
  3. Clear glue.
  4. Food colouring and a swooshing stick or,
  5. Anything that would look good in the sunlight. We also used pressed flowers but you could use beads, glass gems, buttons - use your imagination!

Stained glass suncatcher

  1. Glass in a frame. I used a diploma frame from the dollar store.
  2. White glue, black craft paint and a stirring stick. 
  3. Clear glue, craft paint in the colours you want your stained glass to be in and paint brushes. I got all the supplies for 2. and 3. from the dollar store.
  4. Container to mix the clear glue and paint in. This should be something you don't mind using just for crafting. I used an ice cube tray and put cupcake papers in the cubes for easy clean up but you could use a muffin tin or a paint pallette.
  5. Rubbing alcohol and cotton balls in case of mistakes.

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