Tactile stimming: Day 8 of the Relax and Hook blog hop

Tactile stimming: For Day 8 of the Relax and Hook blog hop, please join Andrea of YarnAndy (an autistic crochet designer) and myself (a neurodivergent crochet teacher) as we talk about:

  • crochet and ADHD, anxiety and autism
  • how mindful crochet can be a useful, portable, tactile form of stimming
  • Andrea's contribution to the Relax and Hook event and ebook: The Raspberry Croissant Shawl

The Raspberry Croissant Shawl

Today's featured FREE pattern is for The Raspberry Croissant Shawl from YarnAndy. Andrea says about this beautiful shawl:

"Can be made in any weight of yarn, the pattern grows seamlessly from one row to the next, you can make this while watching your favorite show, while traveling in the car, train, plane, while listening and talking to people. The pattern includes charts and a video with the first pattern repeat."

You can find Andrea here:





The Raspberry Croissant Shawl is made using double crochet and chain stitches - beginner-friendly, beautiful and mindful!

Click on the graphic below to head to Andrea's website for instructions on how to download The Raspberry Croissant Shawl for FREE. Use the coupon code MINDFULCROCHET. The discount only applies from 8.00am (EDT) on September 8th, 2022 to 8:00am (EDT) on September 9th, 2022.

tactile stimming - crochet as self soothing


  • Vicki

    Watching a replay, sent a link to my sister who was recently diagnosed with autism. I’m beginning to think I have some traits as well. We both are in our 60s.

  • Sue

    Lovely item

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