Nature toys - pollinator play set - Crocheted amigurumi sun, bees, butterfly and lavender plant on a yellow hexagonal play mat and carry case
Nature toys: Pollinator Play Set and Ebooks for Educators
Outside play - front cover of Learn and Play Outside Guide includes picture of two teen boys and mother doing a moon landing activity outside
Nature toys: Pollinator Play Set and Ebooks for Educators

Nature toys: Pollinator Play Set and Ebooks for Educators

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A portion of the sale proceeds for all play sets and supporting materials will be donated to Halton Learning Foundation.

You can purchase just the ebook (stories, social stories and learning resources), or download the free portion of the ebook (Learn and Play Outside Guide)

Or, if you just want the toys you can purchase the Pollinator Play Nature toys as a set or individually.

If you would like both the toys and the ebook then purchase them as a bundle and save!


The Pollinator Nature Toys Set consists of:

  • Archie the Sun
  • Blossom the queen bee
  • Clover the baby bee
  • Breeze the butterfly
  • Laverne the lavender plant (in unscented or scented version)
  • a hexagon shaped play mat which can also be used as a carry case
  • Copies of the handmade story booklets for the three SBKM stories “The Three Butterfly Buddies”, “Clover the Curious Wee Bee” and "When the Sun Wouldn't Set"


The ebook is a guide to support play based learning focused on natural science, difference and diversity. It includes:

  • Photo-illustrated digital copies of the stories "The Three Butterfly Buddies", "Clover the Curious Wee Bee" and "When the Sun Wouldn't Set". I can also email you epub versions of these stories
  • Suggested reading - a list of books that can be used to provide supplemental learning or encourage further discussion about the themes covered by the play set
  • Ideas for play-based and outside learning about bees, butterflies, flowers and pollinators
  • Craft and activitiy ideas that tie in with the stories and the themes within them

Available now to download FREE!

Learn and play outside guide

This guide is included in the ebook but can also be downloaded separately for free. The guide includes:

  • resources for educators including websites, books, videos and articles to help encourage outside learning
  • recommendations for books to read with children of all ages to encourage them to spend time and play outside, as well as observe, learn from and feel more connected to, nature (especially in urban environments)