Easy crochet shawl pattern: Day 25 of the Relax and Hook Blog Hop

Easy crochet shawl pattern: Day 25 of the Relax and Hook Blog Hop brings you, I would argue, the easiest shawl you will ever make. I designed the Spring Simplicity Shawl specifically for the participants in my program, The Relaxed Creative, because beginner crocheters deserve to crochet pretty things too!

easy crochet shawl pattern

Spring Simplicity Shawl

Today's featured FREE pattern is for the Spring Simplicity Shawl from me, Small But Kinda Mighty!

I published this pattern in May, which is why I included Spring in the name, but it's really a shawl for all seasons. I hosted a CAL for the shawl on my Buy Me a Coffee page because it's a more flexible and accessible blogging platform than here on my website. The CAL is ongoing so please do share pictures of your WIPs and FOs! I absolutely love to see and share them.

The shawl is a simple triangle shawl made from double crochet in rows. The easy, triangle crochet shawl pattern was designed to help crocheters take a break from stress and overthinking and utilize crochet as a therapeutic craft that helps them focus on, and live in, the present. There are two YouTube tutorials and guided crochet meditations that accompany the shawl, with two more still to come. One takes you through how to start the shawl, and the second demonstrates how to do the decrease section. I hope you check them out and enjoy watching them.

Click on the button below to head to Ravelry and add the pattern for the Spring Simplicity Shawl to your cart and then use the code MINDFULCROCHET at checkout. The discount only applies from 8.00am (EDT) on September 25th, 2022 to 9:00am (EDT) on September 26th, 2022.

easy crochet shawl pattern

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  • Terri

    Thank you for the event. I gathered all the patterns. But I must say I really like this one! Perhaps it is because of the beautiful green and gold. I also love its texture. Thank you!

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