Learn to crochet online with my end of summer promotion!

As of today, (August 24th) there are only 123 days until Christmas - isn't that wild?! Don't worry though, you still have time to learn to crochet (or brush up on your skills) and make gifts or items to donate for the Holidays. I'm going to outline a special offer I have for you in a second, but first I'd like to share why you should consider enrolling in my mindful crochet program, The Relaxed Creative - Master mindful crochet and enjoy therapeutic crafting any time, anywhere and every day.

One of the participants in my program, Jenn B, recently shared with me the transformation she's undergone as a result. Jenn works in a non-profit for a hospital foundation, managing their direct marketing and Annual Campaign programs. She's also a caregiver for an older relative.

Why Jenn decided to enrol in The Relaxed Creative

"As someone who lives with anxiety and persistent depression one of my coping methods is to keep myself occupied with some sort of activity while at home – reading, colouring, crafting – something that keeps my hands occupied and focuses my brain on the task at hand but also allows me to be comfortable.


For years I’ve been taking classes and workshops in various creative subjects. I love learning new things and by taking these classes and workshops, my goal was to learn a new subject or skill while having the opportunity to meet and connect with new people who share similar interests. Unfortunately, many of these classes were disappointing in terms of method of instruction, content, and, most importantly, little opportunity for interaction and social connection.


I was looking for either a knitting or crochet course when I came across the Small But Kinda Mighty class via Facebook. The name piqued my interest and was intrigued by the mindful aspect listed. After speaking with Deanne about her vision, I was hooked (pardon the crochet pun, I couldn’t help it)!


What I liked about Deanne’s vision for the course was the creation of an online community, supporting each other, while learning to fit crochet into a daily mindful self-care routine. Deanne understands the challenge of living with mental health issues and the importance of having a supportive social network and healthy self-care strategies.


I signed up for the course immediately and haven’t been disappointed."

How the program has positively impacted her

"Working with Deanne doing mindful crochet has had a tremendously positive impact on me. Not only has she provided me with a new skill but has also opened the door for meaningful social interactions within the mindful crochet class community. The weekly chats via Zoom give me something to look forward to every week. The online Discord community is a great opportunity to share works in progress, goals, as well as personal topics such as our pets, gardens, travel and whatever else we want to share.


The program has awakened the crochet monster in me! Other than showing how enjoyable crochet can be (and far less frustrating than knitting!), it has also shown me that it can be used as a constructive self-soothing activity. The program has also introduced me to an ever-evolving community of wonderful individuals from the GTA, Ontario and around the world."

How The Relaxed Creative has helped Jenn's sense of isolation

"The program has helped reduce my feeling of social isolation. As someone who is making the transition to care giver for my father, I find I have little time or energy to “go for drinks” and other activities I used to enjoy. Taking the classes and joining the weekly chats means I still have meaningful connections with people, even if it’s only in an online setting. The Discord Small But Kinda Mighty community is full of awesome people who are supportive, understanding, and empathetic to whatever challenges I share be they crochet-related or personal."

Tangible results!

"[I've learned] the anatomy of the different stitches while mastering the basic foundation stitches for many crochet projects. It has also given me the skills necessary to read patterns, know the different types and weights of yarn, how to determine the amount of yarn needed for various projects (like blankets), and the confidence to try new stiches projects on my own.


I have currently finished my first large project, a lapghan:"

learn to crochet online - Jenn's first crocheted lapghan

How Jenn was pleasantly surprised

"I am pleasantly surprised by how much I love using crochet as a self-care daily exercise. I was not expecting it to be so easily adapted to my daily routine and has helped so much. I was not expecting the boost to my confidence and self-esteem that came with mastering each new stitch and completing the activities and projects.


The online format posed no barriers to learning the various stitches. Deanne’s step-by-step instructional videos, commentary and live chats meant that each step of the process is covered in various ways that accommodated various learning styles. I could follow the video referencing the written steps and patterns as I reproduced each step.


Not only that, Deanne takes all the guesswork out of everything by providing complete crochet kits, patterns, videos, and other resources. I found this incredibly useful as she ensured that I didn’t waste money on materials I didn’t need."

Why you should consider working with me

"Although there are many online resources for learning crochet, none of them create the community support that is central to the Mindful Crochet course.


Not only will you meet and have the support of amazing people while you learn crochet, you will also get so much more – advice, weekly chats, exclusive access to patterns and tutorials, discounts on materials, and ongoing communication with Deanne and the Mindful Crochet community after the course officially ends.


What appealed to me was that Deanne works with class participants to ensure they are a good fit for the program so that they will receive the most benefit and be active participants in the Mindful Crochet community. Deanne goes that “extra mile” to ensure everyone receives a positive, fulfilling experience with interactive events, “crochet-a-thons”, and patterns and resources that continue even after the official courses end.


I would tell anyone who is interested in learning to crochet, who is struggling finding a constructive mode of self-care, and who is looking to belong to a like-minded, empathetic and supportive community, to consider the investment in Deanne’s Mindful Crochet course an investment in yourself. You won’t regret it!"


It's been so wonderful having Jenn be part of The Relaxed Creative community. She's been such a huge help as a participant in the beta version of my program, along with Tiu and Deb, whose testimonials you can check out here Mindfulness for Moms - How Tiu went from anxious and hyperfocused on work to being a calm, collected crocheter and here How to process grief - mindful crochet as a self soothing activity

My end of summer promotion

The terrific feedback from the participants in my program, has really got me fired up and wanting to spread the love further! The Relaxed Creative is a fully supported, self-study, mindful crochet program that's already been proven to deliver results.

Because I want to help you both learn to crochet mindfully and successfully, while also managing your stress and anxiety in the run-up to the Holidays, I'm offering an "end of summer, back to school, there's still time to learn to crochet and make Holiday gifts if you start now" promotion. You can get access to The Relaxed Creative at a massive 35% discount over the October launch price.

If you want in on this then I'd love to chat with you to see if you're a good fit for the program (and if it's a good fit for you!). So send me an email or book some time in my calendar. I am so looking forward to chatting with you. 

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