Introduction to the Relax and Hook online portal - ebook plus bonus content

September 30th is the last day to purchase the Relax and Hook ebook! I've put together here a brief summary of all the amazing content you get that's included with your purchase.

How to purchase

Grab your copy here:

Or, if you'd like to get even more bonus patterns, then you can purchase using these affiliate links:

All 30 crochet patterns from the Relax and Hook blog hop

All 30 patterns are listed here if you want to check them out.

10 bonus patterns

The Relax and Hook online portal will include (as I upload them!) 10 bonus patterns. One of the bonus patterns is the Easy Adult Bib from Stitches N Scraps and the remaining 9 are patterns from me.

Two video tutorials

Both The Scarborough Fair Market Bag and The Alison Storage Tote will have walk-through video tutorials embedded within the online portal, exclusively available to purchasers of the Relax and Hook ebook.

How to access and navigate the online portal

I've received some questions about accessing the portal and exactly what the ebook content will consist of. Here's a video walkthrough of how to purchase the ebook, how to access and navigate the online portal and a summary of all the content included within the portal.



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