Lemon peel crochet stitch headband and a guided meditation for self love

Lemon peel crochet stitch headband: Not just a quick and easy crochet project for beginners, as a simple one-row repeat, this headband is also a terrific mindful crochet project, so please enjoy the guided crochet meditation that accompanies this free crochet pattern!

In this blog post I shared 5 reasons why I designed my lemon peel stitch headband and published the free crochet pattern for it. To make the headband you need to know how to do a slip knot, chain, work into a foundation chain, and make single and double crochet stitches.

In my latest video I share a guided meditation for self love, to boost our collective self esteem. As a bonus, if you crochet this video is also a tutorial for the lemon peel crochet stitch and a hands on, crochet along, guided meditation.

I have updated the pattern to include a link to the video, added a chart for the stitch and have renamed the headband the Zest for Life headband and earwarmer. You can download it for free here:

If you make any items using my patterns I would so love to see them so please do join my crochet Facebook group to share your pictures and show off any of your other completed projects.

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  • Shannon

    Amazing video, calming and great for your mental health. I can see this helping many people who could use some good vibes and positively in their lives.
    I can’t wait for more. Thank you!

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