Need crochet project ideas? The Relax and Hook event is coming September 1st!

Crochet project ideas - I wanted to provide students learning to crochet online in my mindful crochet program, The Relaxed Creative, a bunch of patterns for things they would find both easy, fun and therapeutic to make. In addition, Fall and the run-up to the Holidays can be hectic times for crafters, so I wanted to find mindful crochet patterns that more experienced crocheters could use to help them just relax during this busy time.

So, all of the designs in the Relax and Hook event are:

  • simple, repetitive, meditative
  • one or two row/round repeats
  • easy to make
  • either made in one piece, or require no tricky sewing or seaming

How to make sure you don't miss this event

For the month of September I will be sharing 30+ mindful crochet patterns from 20+ designers and they are going to be like Pokémon - you're going to want to collect them all!

The best way to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the Relax and Hook patterns and bonuses is to sign up for my email newsletter and make sure you check the box labelled "September 2022 Relax and Hook event".

If you're already on my email list then when you submit the form you will see "click here to update your profile" - click on the link and you will be sent an email with a link to update your preferences. It's just a couple of extra steps but if you're having any trouble just email me and I can update your profile for you!

If Facebook is more your speed then you can join my Facebook group. It's a small (but kinda mighty!) community of crocheters where we share crochet related news, works-in-progress, finished objects and more. I've also set up a Facebook event - go ahead and indicate that you're "going".

Don’t want to miss out on a pattern?

If you want all the Relax and Hook patterns before anyone else, or you’re worried that you’ll miss one of the blog hop download days, I've got you covered! There is a Relax and Hook ebook available that will feature:

  • each of the 30 patterns included in the "blog hop" part of the event (more on the blog hop below)
  • early bird pricing at an enormous (think 90%!!) discount over the usual pattern price
  • hugely discounted pricing (still 85%!) for the rest of September, so you can both support independent designers and still save a massive amount over the usual pattern price
  • bonus patterns and other content

All 30 patterns in one place, so you won’t lose them and can miss a blog hop day if you need to. Plus, bonus content not available via the blog hop, get started on the projects right away, support small indie designers - all at a gigantic discount. What's not to like?!

This ebook will only be available to the general public for the month of September 2022. Once it's gone, it's gone!

How does the "blog hop" part work?

I'm excited to introduce you to crochet designers who may be new to you, so I've got interviews planned with some of them (3 booked so far) and for all of the designers participating in this event:

I'm so excited for this event! I want it to be fun, relaxing and stress-free, just like mindful crochet. If you're looking forward to it as well, please do share this post on social media so others can participate. Thanks, and see you in September!

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