Summer crochet - how to make Summer a crochet season!

Summer crochet - as my son Oliver would say, "is this even a thing?!" It's super easy to crochet in the Fall and Winter but in the Summer, for many, it just feels too hot to crochet. Well, in case you need convincing to give it a try, I thought I would share 3 reasons why I think it's a great idea to crochet (or to learn!) during the summer, 3 ways to make sure it's a successful experience, and I've pulled together 10 perfect project ideas for things to make during the hot Summer months.

(I had planned to publish this post a lot earlier but then COVID hit our home and I've been playing catch up since! It's still hot here for another 6 weeks at least so I figured it was still worth sharing, plus for those of you in the southern hemisphere, winter will be ending soon)

Why Summer crochet is a terrific idea

  1. As of today (August 23rd) there's only 124 days until Christmas. If you want to make gifts for the holidays then there's still time to learn how to crochet and make some items, but only if you start soon! If you already crochet, then it's time to start planning the bigger items you want to make (like blankets) so you can get them started in September, and as far as smaller items go, why not get started making them now?
  2. You have time. If you're taking vacation then crochet is a terrific, highly portable craft, that you can easily do while you travel.
  3. You need to carve out time for yourself and decompress. Whether it's because the kids are home from school or family and friends have been visiting, our focus often becomes caring for others 24/7 during the Summer months. Crochet is a meditative, therapeutic and calming craft that you can do anywhere at any time.

How can I learn?

If you don't crochet yet and want to learn, or if you need a refresher on the basics, then email me or just go to my calendar and book a time for us to have a chat. I've got an end of summer/back to school promotion just about to start for my signature crochet program, The Relaxed Creative.

You can also check out two testimonials about the program from a young working mother of a 6 year-old homeschooled son and a retired senior who found it helpful while mourning the loss of her mother.

How can I crochet comfortably while it's so hot?

    Choose the right fibre to crochet with

    My top recommendation here is to consider a fibre's moisture-wicking properties. Find out how it wicks moisture and then, depending on your answer, consider whether it makes sense to crochet with it during the hot Summer months.

      • Synthetics. Synthetics don't absorb moisture, they actively repel it. Unfortunately, this means that for those of us who deal with excessive humidity in Summer, crocheting with synthetics can make for a sweaty, uncomfortable experience.
      • Cotton. Everyone always thinks about cotton for summer because it's so soft and lightweight. If you are in a hot, dry climate, then crocheting projects using cotton or other plant fibres is a lovely experience. However, if it's hot and humid where you are, you may find that your cotton yarn becomes saturated with sweat and other moisture which can make it uncomfortable to crochet with. If I'm crocheting with cotton in the summer, I usually stick with smaller projects.
      • Wool. Those who know me know I'm a diehard wool fan. For me, it's the perfect fibre. And that continues to be the case during the Summer months. Wool is not only moisture-wicking but, unlike synthetics, wool will wick moisture away from your skin by absorbing it into the fibre before releasing it into the air. So while you crochet, wool will keep you dry, and your yarn will stay dry too. If you really don't want to work with 100% wool then go for yarn that blends wool with another fibre like cotton or linen.

      Crochet projects that call for lighter weight yarn

      Rather than bulky weight yarns, go for lighter weights like DK or fingering. A great fingering weight option is Bio Balance by BC Garn which is a blend of 55% wool and 45% cotton, making it both comfortable to work with and comfortable to wear, if you're using it to crochet Summer garments.

      However, even DK or worsted weight yarns can still be comfortable to work with, especially if they are a blend of wicking and non-wicking fibres. DK weight wool and cotton blends include Rowan Cotton Wool and Lana Grossa Cara which is a lovely, soft, and uniquely coloured blend of baby alpaca, cotton and wool. Mungo is a worsted weight yarn that is a blend of 50% recycled cotton and 50% wool.

      Make either small or modular projects

      If you really want to get started on a blanket then make one using granny squares. Or simply choose smaller projects to make - great options include home textiles like coasters or placements and socks. Check out ideas for things to make below.

      10 terrific crochet projects to make during hot weather

      Personal care items

      It's a perfect time to make items like washcloths and reusable makeup remover pads; plus these small projects are terrific stash busters. I recently purchased Lynne Rowe's of The Woolnest's pattern for making cotton face pads and am definitely crocheting a bunch using my cotton yarn scaps.

      crochet makeup remover pads pattern - blue, yellow, orange, gold and light blue reusable face pads against a white background 


      Get ready for the colder months now by crocheting your own socks. These also make terrific holiday gifts. My crochet sock pattern for a toe up sock is one of my best selling patterns.

      crochet sock pattern toe up - blue variegated crochet sock shown against a light wooden background

      T-shirts and tops

      I'm working on designing an easy t-shirt using wool/cotton yarn but in the interim, you should definitely check out some of the lovely options other designers have published. This Crochet Lacy Summer Top is a free pattern from Veronika Cromwell of Blue Star Crochet.

      crochet summer top pattern - white woman with brown shoulder length hair wearing cream crochet summer lace top

      Small fun things!

      I absolutely love these freeze pop holders! Lisa Fox of Green Fox Farms Design shared a free pattern for these - pop them on your kids' freezies and they won't get messy or frosty hands. Such a cute idea.

      free crochet freeze pop holder pattern - 6 crochet designs for freeze pop holders shown against a wooden background

      Home decor

      Speaking of small, fun things, how lovely is this Sunflower Windspinner from Lisa Auch Crochet? It's a free pattern too!

      crochet wind spinner pattern - brown and yellow crocheted wind spinner

      Modular items

      Designed for beginners (but also includes a couple of squares for more confident crocheters), my Spice of Life scarf pattern gives you the chance to learn and practice foundational crochet skills and make squares using easy stitches. Soon to be updated with patterns for another 4 squares!

      crochet scarf pattern for beginners - scarf crocheted in ivory, blue and gold yarn against a white background


      Summery totes and beach bags

      If you want to make a larger project and you're comfortable working with cotton, then totes are terrific, useful projects to make. This one is pretty without being complicated and looks like it works up quickly: Simply Beachy Crochet Tote pattern from Simply Melanie Jane.

      crochet beach bag pattern - cream and gold crocheted beach bag with sunglasses and shells against a wooden background


      Another fantastic Summer project that doubles up as a stash buster - coasters! These mandala coasters are so pretty, fun and funky, but simple to make and the pattern from Hooked on Patterns is free!

      funky crochet coasters - multicoloured crochet coasters shown against a white background


      Here's another free and simple pattern. This time for oval placemats, courtesy of Crafting Each Day.

      crochet placemats free patterns - blue and white oval placemats plus knife and fork shown against a wooden background

      Even more small, fun things!

      Crocheted pineapple earrings (or pendant for those of us who don't have pierced ears)? How can you not?! Check out this adorable free pattern from Oombawka Design Crochet.

      crochet earrings pattern free - crocheted pineapple earrings against a wooden background

      Have I convinced you to try warm weather crochet? If yes, what do you plan to make?

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