Fall nature sound hunt printable pdf
Nature scavenger hunt printable - accessible scavenger hunt using AAC
Nature scavenger hunt printable: cover of Fall (Autumn) Nature Sound Hunt

Nature Scavenger Hunt printable - Fall

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A portion of the sale proceeds for all play sets and supporting materials will be donated to Halton Learning Foundation.

Most nature treasure/scavenger hunts are just lists of things you can see. Not only does this exclude visually impaired kids, but it can also lead to a frustrating experience for children who can’t find what it on the list. For example, it’s often difficult to see birds or insects!

This fall nature hunt is focused on sounds, which takes the pressure off finding things and gets kids focused on listening. It also means you don’t need to go out on a walk to do it - if the weather is bad or a child has limited mobility, they can do this nature sound hunt from where they are, even inside!

This booklet includes:

  • Fall Nature Sound Hunt printable
  • Lots of ideas for how to use it again and again
  • Suggestions for core vocabulary to use
  • Books to read in conjunction with the hunt
  • If you have the FTVS HD app or are interested in buying it I can share with you the file to download the checklist on your phone.

And remember, a portion of all the sale proceeds for play sets and supporting materials will be donated to Community Living Hamilton.