Crochet sock pattern toe up

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If you've ever wondered whether you can crochet socks using sock yarn, making not a slipper, but a sock, that you can wear, with shoes, well, wonder no more! You can!! Crochet is essentially a combination of knots so you will likely "feel" these socks more when you first start wearing them but they get progressively more comfortable as you wash and wear them.

In this pattern I take you through the steps of making a toe up crochet sock with an afterthought heel. You will start by working both sides of a foundation chain - a technique you can also use to crochet an oval amigurumi piece.

There are video tutorials on my YouTube channel demonstrating how to:

* start and make the toe piece,
* crochet the foot and leg,
* create the heel break,
* crochet the cuff,
* crochet the afterthought heel,
* finish your crochet sock.

Links to the videos can also be found in this blog post.

This project is mainly created using basic crochet stitches apart from the cuff, which is made using post stitches.You should be comfortable working with very light weight yarn and a small crochet hook.

Gauge is not important as fabric is created to match the size of your foot.

To complete this pattern you’ll need:

Sock or fingering weight yarn
Size D (3.25 mm) crochet hook 
Locking stitch markers
Yarn needle