How to crochet: where to start

This is my fourth and final post designed to help new crocheters with the basic information they need to start crocheting.

The first post was everything you need to know to select the right yarn for your first projects. The second post outlined all the information about crochet hooks that you would need in order to choose a good hook. And my last post was about the three notions you definitely need to crochet successfully.

As promised, I have also put together a video which goes through a few of the things you need to learn and practice in order to start crocheting. It covers:

  • Working in the round: creating a magic circle to single crochet in
  • Working in the round: creating a magic circle to double crochet in
  • Flat work: how to make a slip knot
  • Flat work: how to work into a foundation chain

Here it is:

If you are looking to learn to crochet or brush up on your skills, then I teach workshops and offer private lessons at Handknit Yarn Studio here in Hamilton. You can also book time with me directly, right here on my website and we can meet virtually via Zoom!

I have other crochet videos in progress including one on how to attach crochet (or granny) squares together and a couple on super simple first projects that you can make and/or use to teach kids to crochet. Let me know if there's anything else you'd love to see a video on.

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