This post brings together my crochet basics blog posts for beginners and my latest YouTube video which goes through a few of the things you need to learn and practice in order to start crocheting. It covers:

  • Working in the round: creating a magic circle to single crochet in
  • Working in the round: creating a magic circle to double crochet in
  • Flat work: how to make a slip knot
  • Flat work: how to work into a foundation chain
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This is the third post in a series about the crochet tools and supplies I recommend for beginners. The first post was about yarn and the second discussed hooks. This covers the smaller tools you need in order to successfully make your first crochet projects.
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According to "The Big Book of Nature Activities" the average child can recognize over 300 corporate logos but only 10 native animals or plants. Nature journaling is an awesome activity for kids but people are often put off by the cost, lack of access to "nature" and a perception that to make a journal you must be able to write and draw. Check out this accessible nature journal!
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