Granny hexagon crochet pattern free - crochet a hot pad for Christmas!

Granny hexagon crochet pattern free - I love the granny hexagons that everyone was making a while back that use puff stitches but I found puff stitches were really tricky for me when I was a beginner crocheter - my hook always seemed to snag on the inside of the puff stitch before I could pull it all the way through. Which is why I designed this granny hexagon hot pad using a 3 double crochet cluster stitch instead.

I was inclined at first to call this a trivet but then I realized that trivets are usually made from wood, metal or ceramic. Someone suggested pot holder but that didn't seem right either because this isn't designed to help you get a hot tray out of the oven! The purpose of this decorative but useful hexagon, is so you have something to put your hot dishes on so your dinner table doesn't burn. I settled on calling it a hot pad - what do you call these?

In order to make this hexagon, you need to know how to chain, slip stitch and use the double crochet to make a 3 double crochet cluster (3dcCL). The 3dcCL is essentially the same as a dc3tog but all your stitches are placed in the same space. The stitch is described step by step in the free written pattern.

This granny hexagon hot pad is the 9th of my 12 free patterns for the holidays. In case you missed the first eight, here are the links:

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    J’appelerais ca tout simplement un sous-plat !

  • Majella

    Beautiful projects to be found here

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