Free amigurumi gnome crochet pattern - make a crochet Christmas gnome

Free amigurumi gnome crochet pattern - Beardsley the woodland gnome is one of the first amigurumi I designed and one of the first patterns I published. I started writing my own patterns because I always found trouble finding patterns for exactly the kind of amigurumi I enjoy making. I like small creatures with a simple aesthetic focused on capturing the essence of a character rather than an accurate recreation or depiction of one. I like seamless amigurumi with as little sewing as possible and when items do need to be joined, I like them to be crocheted together if possible.

Beardsley is the perfect small amigurumi pattern for crochet beginners - he's made with single crochet in the round (for the body and hat) and in rows (for the beard). His little ears are made using a bobble stitch but full instructions for the two bobble stitches are included in the pattern.

Beardsley is the 11th of my 12 free patterns for the holidays. In case you missed the first nine, here are the links:

If you make any items using my patterns I would so love to see them so please do join my crochet Facebook group to share your pictures and show off any of your other completed projects.

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