Christmas gnome crochet pattern - This tomte comes bearing gifts!

Christmas gnome crochet pattern - if your heritage is Scandinavian then please don't get mad with me! I know Tomte/Nisse aren't actually gnomes but it's what most people seem to call them. My 12th free crochet pattern as part of the 12 Days of Hookmas is a 2-in-1 pattern for a teeny tiny Tomte who comes bearing a gift.

If you're not familiar with these particular figures from Nordic folklore, be warned that these little dudes expect to be rewarded with porridge. And if they don't get it, bad things happen apparently!

The tomte is modified from my design for Beardsley (who is a gnome) but the tomte is much smaller - this wee fella is only about 3 inches tall. He's not complicated to make but I wouldn't recommend him for beginners as he's quite fiddly because he's so tiny. He's made with single crochet in the round (for the body and hat) and in rows (for the beard). His little ears are made using a bobble stitch but full instructions for the two bobble stitches are included in the pattern.

The gift box is seamless but constructed in a way that reinforces its cube shape. It's all single crochet in the round but you have to be comfortable with stitch and fabric anatomy as you will be crocheting rows together. The "ribbon" around the gift box is surface crocheted slip stitches.

The tomte and gift box is the last of my 12 free holiday crochet patterns. Here are links to the other 11:

I hope you enjoyed the "12 Days of Hookmas" - please let me know which project(s) were your favourite(s). If you make any items using my patterns I would so love to see them. Please do join my crochet Facebook group to share your pictures and show off any of your other completed projects, or tag me on Instagram.

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